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The house is splattered with blood

The house is empty

Trieu Van Hai and Dang Thi H have not left the house for two days. Their house, located in group 13, Pho Hien ward (Cao Bang city, Cao Bang province) is quieter than usual.

Mr. Hai works as a doctor at a provincial hospital, and his sister-in-law works for another state unit also located in Cao Bang City. From noon on August 30 to August 31, 2018, their agencies kept calling but could not contact Mr. Hai and Ms. H.

Impatient, the hospital sent someone to Hai’s house to find him. Here, after calling many times to no avail, he asked someone to climb inside Mr. Hai’s house to see what was wrong.

When the young man went inside, his eyes were filled with messy furniture, with a lot of blood stains on the floor. Looking everywhere, he and his wife were nowhere to be found, this person went out to report the “strange” phenomenon above.

Information about the case was received by the Cao Bang Provincial Police. A working group immediately went to the scene to clarify.

In the house of Mr. Hai and his wife, the furniture showed signs of being ransacked and pushed. There were many brown blood stains on the floor, scattered everywhere. Upon a thorough examination, the police found that the doors showed no signs of being pry or broken. Carrying out an extensive examination, the investigation force also found traces of blood on the floor of the house.

However, in the house, there was absolutely no sign of Hai and his wife. Where are these two, why are there so many bloodstains? Were Mr. Hai and Ms. H murdered, then the crooks took the bodies elsewhere to dispose of them?

At this time, all contact between Mr. and Mrs. Hai was “cut off” in a very mysterious way.

The case of catching the killer before seeing the victim's body (P1): The house was stained with blood - Photo 1.

The house where the crime took place (file photo)

New letter written

Criminal technicians conducted a thorough examination. They took a blood-suspected brown sample for examination. At the scene, the police suddenly found a notebook, in which there was a page that recorded Mr. Hai’s “confessions”.

The person who wrote the letter identified himself as Hai and confessed that he had just strangled his wife, causing her to die.

This letter was scribbled, giving vague initial information. Therefore, investigators of Cao Bang Provincial Police have collected and sent for assessment and cannot consider it as an accurate basis during the initial investigation.

When checking the contents of the house, the police found that two Hoda motorbikes belonging to Hai and his wife were no longer available. This suggests that this could be the case killing, robbery. However, if it was murder, who did it? Hai like the confession or is it someone else who committed the crime with the victim’s wife and then deliberately left a letter to distract the investigation agency?

Considering the seriousness and complexity of the case, the Cao Bang Provincial Police decided to set up a special case to focus the maximum force on clarifying.

Three possibilities

Based on the initial autopsy results and collected information, Cao Bang Provincial Police identified three possibilities. The first is a case of murder and robbery. With traces at the scene, the perpetrator must have known the victim’s couple, possibly entering the house before then committing the crime. After finishing the job, he took the body of Mr. Hai and his wife to another place to dispose of the funeral, take the motorbike to escape.

The second possibility is that due to debt, Hai and his wife staged the incident to deceive public opinion and fled. There is also the possibility that the case stemmed from a debt dispute, love, personal hatred.

The last possibility is the result of frictions and conflicts between the husband and wife, leading to the husband or wife killing the other and running away.

The case of catching the killer before seeing the victim's body (P1): The house was stained with blood - Photo 3.

Police examine the scene (file photo)

When creating these scenarios, reconnaissance teams were assigned the task of very thorough and thorough review.

Cao Bang Provincial Police have conducted calls to ask and screen many prominent subjects, those with criminal records, drugs and gambling in the area. However, the result is an incomplete number.

In the other direction, when verifying the victim’s husband and wife relationship, the scouts knew that Mr. Hai used to have a family. Due to his violent nature, he often beat his wife, so the two divorced. When they met and married Ms. H, neighbors also said that these two people were often loud and confused. However, these contradictions are not enough to bring to a conclusion about the motive of the case.

In addition, Mr. Hai appeared to have a few debts in the society. However, these amounts of money are not large enough to become the cause of murder, nor are they large enough for the couple to create a fake scene to escape.

At this time, the search for the whereabouts and bodies of Mr. Hai and Ms. H were also promoted by Cao Bang Police. Days passed, the figure of that couple was still obscure. Investigators seem to be running into an unsolved “mess”.

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