In the midst of adversity “falling from the sky”, is the incredible vitality of Chelsea!

Optimistic details

Whether the negative news about the future Chelsea are taking over, but if you’re optimistic enough, you’ll still be able to filter out the positive.

One of them can be seen right in the Stamford Bridge stands during the match between Chelsea and Newcastle over the weekend. It’s a billionaire Nick Candy. He sits among the regular Chelsea fans, but he could be the sun that brings the Blues out of the cold.

According to The Raine Group, the bank that Roman Abramovich authorized to handle the sale of Chelsea to the new owner, Nick Candy is one of the potential billionaires and interested in buying Chelsea.

In the midst of adversity

Billionaire Nick Candy in the stands at Stamford Bridge Stadium

In addition to Candy, Saudi Media Group has also applied to buy Chelsea for £2.7 billion. Chelsea will not worry about political issues, because Saudi Media Group is just a corporation based in Saudi Arabia and does not belong to any royal family.

The two names mentioned above are only two bright candidates, but in fact, according to The Guardian, there are currently more than… 200 companies, large and small corporations have publicly expressed their desire to buy Chelsea.

In addition to the transfer to the new owner, Chelsea’s elite also confirmed that they have had the first meetings with the British government and if the situation progresses smoothly, Chelsea can completely apply for the right to issue tickets each year. battle as usual.

In the midst of adversity

Thus, the two biggest concerns: New owners and ticket sales are being handled in a positive way. And we won’t have to wait long for more positives. Because according to the media, this coming Friday will be the last deadline for candidates who want to buy Chelsea to “close the application”.

What Chelsea needs to do now is to prepare a beautiful mind and soul to wait for the new dynasty to begin. Thankfully, it looks like the Blues have never stopped fighting even in adversity.

Declaration of victory

The win over Newcastle on Sunday carried a huge symbolic value. It was Chelsea’s first home game since the disaster struck.

Anti-fans must have expected a sombre atmosphere, pale faces, and stone-heavy legs at Stamford Bridge. It would be an image that could not more perfectly represent the current situation.

But the more trying to drown, the more Chelsea proved the vitality. They not only won against the newly rich Newcastle, but also won in the most emotional way possible: A goal was scored in the last minute of official play.

In the midst of adversity

It’s a mix of tragedy and drama: Jorginho – a player who has gone months without an assist in the Premier League – assists Kai Havertz, Chelsea’s best-playing star, for several months. recently scored.

Jorginho is a symbol of revival. During the past time, especially since the mistakes that led directly to the goals, many Chelsea fans have sentenced Jorginho to a “death sentence”. But right at the most discouraging moment, Jorginho shines. And Kai Havertz represents the future strength of Chelsea.

After the match against Newcastle, Thomas Tuchel also helped the belief of Chelsea fans reach a new peak and vowed to stay with Chelsea no matter what happens in the future. Chelsea may have cheated on many coaches in the past, but in their darkest moments the most vulnerable were not cruel to them.

In the midst of adversity

So much value comes from a win. In the current information chaos, every little piece of trust has its own value.

And today, the trip to Lille in the framework of the Champions League will of course also get special attention. Chelsea are limited to spending less than £22,000 in away matches. Today, they will have to march like a poor team. So the victory over Lille will continue to be a strong statement of the Blues about the ability to adapt to all the most difficult situations.

In favorable rain and wind conditions, just sow the seeds and the flowers will germinate. But in a harsh environment where the Chelsea flower can still thrive, it will become a historic symbol of the team.

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