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Before he died, Cao Cao secretly left Cao Phi with a talent against Sima Yi: Who is that?

At the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty, the world was in turmoil, and heroes everywhere rose up to fight. However, only the 3 strongest forces rose up to compete in the world, namely Cao Wei, Shu Han and Dong Ngo.

Consecutive battles of wits and forces occurred between these three most powerful political groups with the enthusiasm and ambition of Cao Cao, Liu Bei and Ton Quyen. However, the final winner and able to unify the Three Kingdoms was the Sima family, in which there was great merit of Mr. Sima Yi.

Sima Yi has been in hiding all her life, waiting for the right time to do great things. As a person who knows how to look at people and know how to use people, from the beginning, Cao Cao had many doubts about Sima Yi. During his time at the peak of his power, Cao Cao was indeed wary and did not give real power to Sima Yi.

Before he died, Cao Cao secretly left Cao Phi with a talent against Sima Yi: Who is that?  - Photo 1.

Cao Cao is always on the lookout for Sima Yi.

Even Cao Cao once carefully warned his son Cao Phi to be careful because: “Si Ma Yi is a man who refuses to be a servant, and will later interfere in the great affairs of the Cao Ta family.” . Although worried and always wary of Sima Yi, in the end, Cao Cao did not take action to solve this advisor.

But before his death, to avoid Sima Yi being able to interfere and ruin his fortune, Cao Cao secretly left a talented assistant to Cao Phi.

That is Cao Chan.

Cao Chan, formerly Tu Dan, was a general and great god of Cao Wei during the Three Kingdoms period. He is considered a talented general and has achieved many great feats. Cao Chan served for 3 generations of the Cao family, namely Cao Cao, Cao Phi and Cao Due.

In China’s Three Kingdoms, author La Quan Trung focuses on highlighting the talent of Zhuge Liang, Sima Yi, which inadvertently “fades” many characters. Cao Zhen is one of them.

For example, in China’s Three KingdomsSima Yi is described as the one who repelled Zhuge Liang’s two Northern Expeditions. But in fact, this is the merit of Cao Chan. In the history of the Three Kingdoms, Cao Zhen was not only able to resist Zhuge Liang’s Northern punishment, but also had the ability to suppress Sima Yi who did not dare to rebel.

Cao Zhen, a mighty general who was used by Cao Cao, was assigned a special mission

Before he died, Cao Cao secretly left Cao Phi with a talent against Sima Yi: Who is that?  - Photo 2.

Cao Chan is a general highly respected and trusted by Cao Cao.

According to CamouflageCao Chan originally had the surname Qin. His father was Qin Ba Nam, a longtime friend of Cao Cao. When being hunted by Yuan Shu’s army in 195, Cao Cao once escaped into the house of Qin Ba Nam. At that time, Qin Ba Nam identified himself as Cao Cao and eventually lost his life. Since then, Cao Cao has adopted Cao Chan as his own child.

When growing up, Cao Zhen was named Cao Cao as the captain of the Tiger Leopard Cavalry. elite cavalry team, selected perhaps a hundred men to choose one (according to Records of the Three Kingdoms).

In 218, Liu Bei led his army to attack Hanzhong. Cao Zhen, together with Cao Hong, Cao Huu advanced to Xia Bien district and defeated Ngo Lan, a general under Liu Bei. Thanks to this feat, Cao Chan was promoted to General Trung Kien.

In September of the same year, Cao Zhen returned to Chang’an and was ordered by Cao Cao to command the Trung Linh army. This position shows how much Cao Cao trusts Cao Chan.

In 219, Ha Hau Uyen died in battle at Dinh Quan mountain, Cao Cao was worried that Luu Bei’s side would attack the Duong Binh gate. Therefore, Cao Cao immediately appointed Cao Chan as Chinh Thu to protect the army and sent him and Tu Hoang to lead troops to attack Cao Tuong at Duong Binh pass.

As a result, Cao Zhen and Tu Hoang defeated Cao Tuong and forced the Shu army to retreat. However, in the same year 219, Cao Cao decided to retreat after the defeat in Hanzhong. While on the way to withdraw troops, Cao Cao ordered Cao Chan to go to the Vo Do district to join forces with Cao Hong, and at the same time gave orders to Tran Thuong to withdraw.

After Cao Cao died in 220, Cao Phi inherited the position of King of Wei. Cao Phi appointed Cao Zhen as the general of Zhenxi Province and ordered him to supervise military activities in Yongzhou and Liangzhou in the west.

By the end of 220, after usurping the throne of Emperor Han Hien and establishing the Wei Dynasty, Cao Phi became emperor. In 222, Cao Phi appointed Cao Zhen as the General of the High Army, and at the same time handed over all military power of the Cao Wei Dynasty to him.

It can be said that Cao Phi attaches great importance to Cao Chan’s talent. It was during the reign of Cao Phi that Cao Chan gained the right to manage the army, so Sima Yi naturally did not dare to move.

In 226, Cao Phi fell seriously ill and died. Cao Phi’s son Cao Due was crowned emperor. Cao Due, after ascending the throne, promoted Cao Chan as the Marquis of Thieu Lang and made him a General.

Later, when Zhuge Liang conducted the Northern Expedition several times, thanks to his talent and acumen, Cao Zhen took the military power and successfully commanded the Wei army to stop it, causing the Shu army to retreat.

Thanks to this feat, Cao Chan’s position and prestige in the Wei dynasty increased. He was allowed by Cao Due to enjoy the fortune of his life, and was even given the title of Dai Tu Ma, high authority and high position.

Tragedy of Cao Chan’s descendant

Before he died, Cao Cao secretly left Cao Phi with a talent against Sima Yi: Who is that?  - Photo 4.

Cao Zhen held the military power of Cao Wei, so when he was still alive, Sima Yi did not dare to move.

Of course, at that time Sima Yi was just an underling of Cao Zhen, so he didn’t dare to take any action. In 231, Cao Chan died. His eldest son Cao Sang inherited his title. But Cao Shuang did not have the military capabilities of Cao Zhen. This is an opportunity for Sima Yi to step by step create an overthrow and transfer power.

In 249, taking the opportunity when Cao Sang and Emperor Cao Phuong went to Cao Binh’s mausoleum to pay respects to Emperor Minh’s grave, Sima Y launched a coup d’etat, successfully taking over Cao Sang’s military power. After that, Cao Sang and his entire family were executed.

After the transformation of Cao Binh, the Sima clan officially took over great power, making the Cao emperor only in name.

This is a pity for Cao Chan’s family and Cao Wei’s family, because if he did not die soon, of course Sima Yi would hardly have such power.

Cao Cao is more brave than people, secretly arranging talents can suppress Sima Yi to preserve Cao Wei’s inheritance. Unfortunately, “the scheme is in the people, the success is in the heavens” when Cao Chan left too soon. While Sima Yi remained silent all her life, at the age of 70, she suddenly created a spectacular power transfer.

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