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Lost NFT million USD because of one mouse click

Dino Dealer, an NFT collector, said he left the wrong payment unit when he sold and lost all his assets.

Sharing on Twitter, NFT collector Dino Dealer said he sold his NFT Etherrock for 444 wei instead of 444 ETH, equivalent 1 million USD. The amount of “execution” of 444 wei is not even 1 cent (0.01 USD), and not enough to pay the transaction fee.

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The Dino Dealer account said that he had left the wrong payment unit. Photo: Inshorts.

Wei is the smallest currency unit of Ether (ETH), the cryptocurrency used on the Ethereum network. The value of 1 ETH is equal to 1 billion billion wei. This unit is similar to the satoshi for Bitcoin (BTC).

According to Dino’s share, he “blows” his entire net worth, which is worth approx 1 million USD in less than 1 second because of misplaced crypto. Once the order appeared in the market, the pre-set NFT bots quickly bought in for a profit.

NFT traders and collectors often set up special bots to monitor NFT market movements on OpenSea or LookRare platforms. They have the task of finding products that are priced below the market price to make a profit. Most of these products stem from technical errors or confusion similar to those of Dino Dealer.

Despite losing nearly 1 million USD In less than 1 second, NFT collector Dino still insists he doesn’t give up. Besides, he also posted a tweet saying that he will try to get his fortune back by sending a message to the current NFT owner Etherrock.

Immediately, his Etherscan page was flooded with comments offering “refunds” via email address and phone number. However, most of these addresses are scams and they just want to take over assets. In addition, in the worst case scenario, the current owner of the rock-shaped NFT will not return Dino’s wish.

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