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3 women cheated for billions when working as collaborators for ‘e-commerce platform’

On March 15, according to the source of Tien PhongThe Department of Cybersecurity and High-Tech Crime Prevention, Gia Lai Provincial Police, said that it is expanding the investigation of the group. cheat impersonating e-commerce platforms to appropriate property.

According to initial information, around February-March 2, 2022, Ms. VTNH (resident in Chu A commune), Ms. TNH (resident in Yen Do ward, same Pleiku city) and Ms. VTTT (resident in Chu Se town, Chu Se district). , Gia Lai) go to Facebook to find recruitment sites to find part-time jobs online. These people see advertising pages recruiting collaborators to process orders for major e-commerce platforms…

According to the instructions of the recruiting party, these people just need to click on the order link, check the accuracy of the order and the product price on the e-commerce platforms… The company asked not to buy the product, but only need to transfer the money, pretend to buy goods for the company to complete the task. About 5-10 minutes later, the company will automatically transfer the amount of goods along with 3% – 20% “commission”. The purpose is “increasing the interaction for items on e-commerce platforms operating in Vietnam” for the company.

To warn people, the Cyber ​​Security and High-Tech Crime Prevention Department – Gia Lai Provincial Police issued a notice, those who detect objects with the above tricks should report crime. for the police to expand investigation and handling.

Inducing “collaborators” online, scammers send links to products of small value (several hundred thousand dong) for “employees” to select, verify orders, and transfer money to company accounts.

The first few times, the company returned the entire principal amount that “employees” spent on purchases with a commission of 3% – 20%. When the victim begins to believe, the fraud group sends links to products worth several million to tens of millions of dong such as jewelry, cosmetics, phones, motorbikes, etc.

When the victim transferred large amounts of money, the company’s self-proclaimed “disappeared”. With the above trick, Ms. VTNH was scammed more than 760 million VND, Ms. TNH was scammed more than 200 million VND and Ms. VTTT lost more than 40 million VND. All the sims and phone numbers used by the subjects are junk sims, the bank accounts are also junk accounts that are bought and sold by the objects from associations and groups on social networks; The facebook pages they set up are also fake reputable sales pages to lure and defraud the victims.

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