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The 24-year-old maid beat a girl less than 1 year old “continuously begged to remove the clip”

On March 15, the police of Tran Quang Dieu Ward (Quy Nhon City, Binh Dinh) said that it had summoned and worked with nanny was accused by the family of abusing an 11-month-old baby.

Accordingly, the police invited both parties including the family of the baby and the nanny named H. to the ward police headquarters to work and collect statements and information on Thanh Nien Magazine.

Earlier, on the evening of March 9, Tran Van Loc and his wife shared on their personal Facebook how their 11-month-old daughter was beaten by her nanny at home. The incident caused public outrage.

Tran (the child’s mother) shared: “I thought these things were only available on the internet… who would have thought that today would happen to my child.”

“Normally, I often see these videos on the internet but I still get teary-eyed, now that I’m like this, I understand how heartbreaking it is to hurt a mother. Now I just look at my child and cry again… She’s so small that she can’t help herself. who would do that,” Tran said.

Talking to PV Dan Tri, Mr. Tran Van Loc said that the family had filed a complaint against the nanny’s abuse to the Quy Nhon City Police for handling in accordance with the law.

According to Mr. Loc, for 4 months now, a nanny named H. (24 years old, from Phu My district) has been hired by his family to take care of the children. Usually, the couple works as a phone repairman downstairs, while the nanny looks after the baby upstairs.

He and his wife thought that hiring a nanny to take care of their children at home would be reassuring and not watch often camera. It was only on the morning of March 9, when he accidentally turned on the camera to check it out, did Mr. Loc panic because he witnessed the nanny slapping his daughter’s face repeatedly while giving her breakfast.

“Before that, my wife and I went to the Quy Nhon student market to find a babysitter, saw the information posted that Hoa has experience in babysitting, so she hired a babysitter. Through initial contact, my daughter also accepted a nanny. This is the reason why he took up the job. Normally, he plays well, eats normally, but I don’t understand why the nanny beat him like that.

The whole behavior of the nanny was fully recorded by the security camera, my wife and I confronted nanny H. but H. still did not accept. Then, when I showed the clip as evidence, this nanny said that ‘just patting the baby to eat, not hitting the baby’ and did not admit fault, sorry”, Mr. Loc added.

Because he was so frustrated and worried about his children, Mr. Loc and his wife let the nanny quit. When Mr. Loc posted the clip online, nanny H. repeatedly begged him to remove the clip, and Mr. Loc shared more with the reporter of Tuoi Tre newspaper.

According to Mr. Loc, nanny Hoa had a 4-year-old child in the countryside who sent her adoptive parents to work in the city and Hoa knew that he had a camera in his house.

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