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Russian special forces kill sniper “best in the world” in Ukraine

The Canadian newspaper pravda.ru reported that the Canadian “mercenary” sniper – hailed by Western media as Russia’s “deadliest” and “major threat” – was killed by Russian troops in the area. Ukraine.

According to the tsargrad television channel, the gunman, named Vali, is 40 years old, a former sniper with the 22nd Royal Canadian Regiment and has combat experience in Afghanistan, as well as Iraq.

Last time Vali switched to a new career, but at the call of President Zelensky, he decided to go to Ukraine.

Worth mentioning, Vali is praised by Western media and some freelance journalists in Russia, even called “the best sniper in the world”.

Sources familiar with the matter said that the Canadian sniper encountered the Russian special forces just 20 minutes after they landed in Mariupol.

Despite all the ‘aura’ that the Western media attributed to Vali, he was quickly removed in a fleeting battle.“- Pravda wrote.


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