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Women don’t have this, even if they hold their husband’s salary card, they still feel insecure

In the drama, there are details that make the audience feel heartbroken. Jiang Jing, a full-time mother, intentionally injured her leg so her parents could travel.

The reason she did it was because she wanted to have a good reason with her husband so that his parents could take their child on a trip abroad. Jiang Jing was heartbroken that her parents were elderly, but she was never able to travel overseas.

She didn’t dare tell her husband what he really thought. To him, without income, he could only ask for money. It’s okay to spend money on children, but if you spend money on your own family, it’s like a beggar asking for money. Because the right hand is outstretched, life must always look ahead, spend money very carefully. Your husband may be nice to you, say nothing when you spend money on yourself, but spending money on grandma’s house would be a different story.

The biggest drawback of many stay-at-home moms is the lack of security. This insecurity often makes them humble, even forming a relaxed character in the family, whatever it is.

Some people think that it’s okay if you don’t go to work and have no income, as long as your husband gives you a pay card to keep. But the reality is like a bucket of cold water poured into that thought.

Paycheck cards don’t give you any real sense of security. When there is no economic potential, no ability to make money, you will find that even if you hold your husband’s salary card in your hands, your heart is still unconvinced.

1. Unstable dependency

Women don't have this, even if they hold their husband's salary card, they still feel insecure - 1

If the woman has no job, no income, the whole family will be borne by her husband alone. Whether the pay card is in your hand or not, you also depend on your husband, not him.

Your husband may need to rely on you to take care of the kids, send them to school, but then the kids will grow up and those things will diminish and his ability to make money is always there, even day by day. go out. better.

In such a situation, the relationship between the two of you is completely unequal. He is the one making the money, you are the one spending the money and he is the one you should rely on. If he is happy today, he can give you his pay card, and if he is not happy tomorrow, he can take it back. Even if you don’t return it, he can immediately cancel the card and apply for a new card. The decision is his, so whether you have money or not, it totally depends on his mood.

2. Give fish and teach how to fish

Many women believe that, as long as they can hold onto their husband’s salary card, even if the couple breaks up, they will not suffer after the breakup.

Is that really the problem? How much pocket money is enough for you? Is that enough for the rest of your life? Obviously not enough. So, after everyone is separated, you have to work alone to earn money.

You have been out of the labor market for a long time, then you are only used to being a housewife and raising children, you are not young and you lack experience, so it is not easy to find a suitable job. for you. When that day comes, you will find it very difficult to adjust to this society.

As for your husband, even if he gave you all the money he earned in recent years, it would not affect his life in the future. He has the ability to make money and can keep getting better.

That is, giving fish is not the same as teaching how to fish. If all you got was fish, no matter how many baskets of fish you got, what would life be like after eating all those fish? If you have the ability to fish, the results are completely different. With fishing rod in hand, you don’t have to worry about eating every day.

Don’t daydream about living a life completely dependent on your husband because in the beginning, the weakest one is you.

3. Dutiful piety is beyond your means

Women don't have this, even if they hold their husband's salary card, they always feel insecure - 2

If a woman couldn’t even be filial to her parents, it was indeed a very sad thing. This is a portrait of many full-time mothers. Since only the husband makes money, she can’t talk about spending money on her parents.

When it really depends, you need to consult your husband for every penny spent. If you cheat and get caught, he will definitely not be happy, even thinking that his wife hates him, surpass him and take the card back. When he only gives you some living money, you will find your life even more difficult.

A woman’s sense of security must come from herself. Asking for money never makes us feel safe. In this life no one can predict tomorrow, so don’t put all your hopes on other people.

Ivy, no matter how green, could only live by leaning against the wall. If one day the wall fell or had to be dismantled and rebuilt, the ivy would be gone. The fate of ivy is not controlled by itself, but depends on what.

As a woman, be a pine tree, a cypress tree that stands between heaven and earth. There is no one more trustworthy in this world than yourself.

Stupid women rely on men, smart women know how to rely on themselves. They will not give the wheel of their life to others. They understand, a woman’s sense of security never comes from others, but from herself.

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