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About 400 bulletproof vests for Ukraine ‘fly without wings’

“About 400 bulletproof vests disappeared from the US nonprofit building on the night of March 16,” the statement said.

“I believe they have been delivered to the organization,” the source revealed.

It is reported that the jackets have yet to be found.

“The investigation is ongoing, no one has been arrested yet,” added a police officer.

According to US officials, the country’s additional military aid package to Ukraine includes anti-tank missiles and many other defensive weapons that the US has provided, including Javelin anti-tank missiles and anti-aircraft missiles. Stinger. Earlier, speaking at the White House on March 16, President Joe Biden announced that the international community is focusing all efforts to support Ukraine and force Russia to “pay a heavy price” because of its military campaign. this country. Biden also announced an additional $800 million security aid package for Ukraine.

However, the United States still did not provide combat aircraft to Ukraine, although Kiev has repeatedly requested, due to fear of the risk of direct conflict with Russia.

The new aid package also includes 9,000 anti-tank systems. These are high-precision mobile man-portable missiles that Ukrainian forces are using against Russian tanks and armored vehicles. The new US aid package also includes 7,000 small arms, machine guns, rifles and grenade launchers to arm the Ukrainians.

Additionally, Biden confirmed, the new aid would include drones, “demonstrating the US commitment to sending Ukraine’s most advanced systems to help them defend.” Mr. Biden noted that US security aid to Ukraine will be coordinated with allies.

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