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Buy a box of billions, buy a bunch of branded goods at once

Hien Ho Born in 1997, entered showbiz a few years ago, owning a few hits, but her life seems to have completely changed recently.

If 2-3 years ago, Hien Ho was associated with a youthful and dynamic image, recently she seems to have changed quite a lot in appearance and lifestyle. Not only did she cause a stir in the internet when “buying” a luxury car costing more than 7 billion VND, but her hobby of shopping for branded goods was also raised.

Hien Ho recently
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Hien Ho recently

On her personal page, Hien Ho often shows off her “shopping trophies”. Each time is a dozen brands Chanel, YSL, …

In particular, the 9X singer also has a new passion, which is a sport for the rich – golf. The frequency of check-in on Hien Ho’s golf course is increasing day by day, making people look without stopping admiringly.

Hien Ho recently
Hien Ho recently
Hien Ho recently

https://afamily.vn/hien-ho-dao-nay-len-doi-qua-tau-xe-hop-tien-ty-mua-sam-mot-lan-ca-mo-do-hieu-lien- tuc-check-in-san-golf-sang-lemon-20220319230012507.chn

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