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Kobe beef restaurant let customers wait 30 years to have food

JapanIf someone ordered Kobe Asahiya beef patisserie when they were young, they wouldn’t have their food until middle age.

Hayasino, who lives in Tokyo, orders croquettes Kobe beef of Meat & Delicatessen Asahiya, in Takasago City, Hyogo Prefecture, 9 years ago. It was not until April 28 that he received the goods.

Hayasino’s story attracts attention. Many doubted, but many believed because they too had to wait. Some people say that Hayasino received such goods early because the shop’s delivery schedule is up to 2052. That means if you order the cake when you are young, you will not be able to eat until middle age.

The restaurant's famous Kobe beef patties.  Photo: Asahiya

Meat & Delicatessen Asahiya’s famous Kobe beef patties. Image: Hayasino

Meat & Delicatessen Asahiya is a famous eatery that opened in 1918, specializing in Kobe beef. The star of the restaurant’s menu is Kiwami Croquettes. This dish consists of beef Kobe A5potatoes, onions from the Hyogo region, flour… deep-fried.

The owner said that the process of making croquettes takes a lot of work. In addition, the restaurant only uses premium Kobe beef and home-grown potatoes, which are famous for their natural sweetness. Each day, the shop can only make about 200 pieces of cake.

As of 2016, the waiting time for customers ordering door-to-door delivery is up to 13-14 years. The owner thought that he couldn’t keep customers waiting any longer, so he decided to stop selling. But then, many diners insisted they could wait, motivating the dish to be back on the menu. Currently, customer demand is high, so the waiting time has been up to 30 years, according to Asahiya’s official website.

To eat a piece of croquettes, diners must be patient.  Photo: Asahiya

To eat a piece of croquettes, diners must be patient. Image: Asahiya

The price of a box of five cakes is 2,700 yen (nearly 430,000 VND). According to many people, the price is not expensive. But the time to wait for their turn to enjoy this cake makes many diners “crazy”. In the meantime, they can choose other dishes from Kobe beef in the menu such as hamburger, steak, beef book, young intestine…

Mr. Minh (According to Sora News 24)

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