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NATO flatly refused 3 requests of President Zelensky: Accepting is declaring war on Russia!

While the US and other NATO member states were quick to respond to some of the President’s requests Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky aimed to help the country stop the advance of Russian forces, but Kiev’s offers were flatly rejected because it could risk escalation of the war.

According to CNN, here are some of Zelensky’s requests that have not been met by the US – NATO:

Imposing flight level zones: President Zelensky has repeatedly called on Ukraine’s allies to establish a no-fly zone over Ukrainian territory. No-fly zone is an area that some aircraft cannot fly through.

In a conflict like Ukraine, this decision could mean that Russian planes are not allowed to fly over, in order to prevent them from carrying out airstrikes on Ukraine.

However, the problem is that, in order to establish military no-fly zones, they must be enforced by a military force. If a Russian plane moves into a NATO no-fly zone, NATO forces will have to take action against that aircraft.

These measures could include shooting down aircraft from the sky. From Russia’s perspective, that would be an act of war by NATO and potentially escalate the conflict.

On March 5, Russian President Vladimir Putin also warned that Moscow would consider any third-party statement about the establishment of a no-fly zone over Ukraine as a decision to “enter into an armed conflict”.

Speaking at a meeting with concubines on March 5, Putin said Russia would consider “any move in this direction” as an intervention that would “pose a threat to our soldiers.” “.

“At that moment, we will consider them as participants in a military conflict and it does not matter which organization they belong to,” Putin stressed.

S-300 missile defense system: According to three sources familiar with the matter, Slovakia has agreed to provide Ukraine with an S-300 air defense system built in the Soviet era to help defend against Russian air strikes.

The US - NATO flatly refused 3 requests of President Zelensky: Accepting the invitation is declaring war on Russia!  - Photo 2.

S-300P . missile defense system

However, the US and NATO are still having “headaches” figuring out how to strengthen Ukraine’s defenses and the delivery of the S-300 has not been decided yet.

MiG-29 fighter: Earlier this month, the US rejected a Polish offer to transfer MiG-29 fighter jets to the US, which would then be handed over to Ukraine.

Pentagon press secretary John Kirby said the US did not believe the Polish proposal was “convincing” and that it was too risky.

“The prospect of leaving the MiG-29 fighters at the mercy of the US government to move from the US/NATO base in Germany into the airspace disputed with Russia raises serious concerns for the entire NATO alliance.” , Mr. Kirby announced.


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