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5 natural eyebrow techniques that even the most ‘fuzzy’ girl can do-Beauty

Sunday, March 20, 2022 11:59 AM (GMT+7)

If you do not know how to draw eyebrows, please refer to the following tips.

The trend of Korean girls is beauty, natural makeup from lipstick, eyeshadow, eyeliner to eyebrows. It’s not easy to draw natural-looking eyebrows because you have to make sure the face is sharp and the eyebrows are not too dark and hard. If you do not know how to draw beautiful and natural eyebrows, please apply the following ways.

1. Draw eyebrows according to the missing line

5 natural eyebrow techniques, even the most

This trick is suitable for girls who already own basic eyebrows and eyebrows are just a step to create a beautiful shape.

First you need to brush your eyebrows to shape first. Next is the eyebrow line: use eyebrow pencil (powder or pencil form), follow the eyebrow line (don’t need to be very meticulous, you just need to brush and draw), then gradually fill in the missing parts like eyebrow tail. If you already have eyebrows, you don’t need to paint much at the beginning of your eyebrows. Pay attention to the even, balanced and pay attention to the proper curvature of the eyebrows. Just like that, you have got the beautiful eyebrows you want.

In addition, she can also use mascara to add more eyebrows.

2. Use more concealer

Those who are just learning how to apply makeup can find it difficult to line their eyebrows and make the pencil easy to smudge. So how to fix it? Use concealer to help conceal imperfections and also make your eyebrows more defined. Blogger Chella Ivory Lace used to use concealer when applying her upper and lower eyebrows.

3. Choose the easiest eyebrow pencil to use

5 natural eyebrow drawing techniques, even the most 'fuzzy' girl can do it - 2

This technique is suitable for beginners and those who want the most natural eyebrows. When you first learn to draw eyebrows, give priority to using a pencil because the tip of the pencil will help you easily draw, shape and help you create fuller and more natural eyebrows. The trick is to use a thin eyebrow pencil along the brow line. In addition, you can use another object to help such as a card or ruler to ensure that the 2 eyebrows are drawn equally, not high and low.

4. Use eyebrow powder/eyeshadow

5 natural eyebrow techniques, even the most 'fuzzy' girl can do it - 3

If she already knows how to draw eyebrows, she can use powder eyeliner to draw eyebrows. Or using eyeshadow is also a flexible suggestion. How to draw eyebrows with eyeshadow is as follows: first apply a nude eyebrow base and then use brown eyeshadow to gradually draw the eyebrow shape. After drawing, check the shape and density of the two eyebrows so that they are suitable and not too dark.

5. Draw the eyebrow shape first

5 natural eyebrow techniques, even the most 'fuzzy' girl can do it - 4

This technique is suitable for girls who have almost no eyebrows. The first thing you have to do is determine the eyebrow shape first so that it doesn’t get tangled and then just draw the eyebrows according to the shape to make them full. Note that when drawing the eyebrow shape, you must be even and choose a thin pencil to create sharpness. It is advisable to mark the beginning, middle and end points and then join them together to make it easier to create a mold. Or you can use an existing mold and draw according to ensure it will be more even.

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