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Musician Luu Tieu Han was arrested for sexual harassment

Male musician Luu Tieu Han was sentenced to 9 days of detention for groping a woman in an elevator.

April 20, page Sina 9X musician Luu Tieu Han was administratively sanctioned and detained for 9 days for harassing a female neighbor.

This woman said that Liu Xiaohan followed her into the elevator. Then, taking advantage of her while using the phone, she masturbated behind her back. At first, the woman thought that Liu Xiaohan spat on her leg, but after discovering the incident, she informed the police.

According to Sina, upon receiving the report of the crime, the police checked the elevator camera to verify the incident. They also contacted Luu Tieu Han, but he ran away, his phone number could not be reached. After being arrested, Luu Tieu Han admitted to sexually harassing his neighbor due to an outburst and thoughtlessness.

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Liu Xiaohan lost his burgeoning career because of lewd behavior.

Police in Suzhou City, China decided to impose administrative sanctions and detained Liu Xiaohan for 9 days. However, because Liu Xiaohan has just arrived in Suzhou and needs to undergo a quarantine period, the date of detention has not been announced exactly.

Liu Xiaohan was born in 1991, is a famous musician in China. Currently, this 9X musician is a PhD student at Nanjing University and has won many national scholarships. Liu Xiaohan, who once represented Nanjing University, appeared on the news of China’s central broadcaster CCTV.

Luu Tieu Han used to open his own recording studio, producing music for a number of singers. In addition, Luu also performs his songs on an online platform. However, after breaking the law and becoming a bad example of morality, the songs produced by Luu Tieu Han were removed. According to Sinathe 9X producer’s career ended because of lewd behavior.

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