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4 famous specialties, which are seasoning and dipping sauces, just eat once and you will remember them forever

Tuong Ben

This is a specialty of Ban Yen Nhan town (My Hao, Hung Yen). There is a profession of making soy sauce here since the 12th century. The main ingredient for making soy sauce is peas, which are roasted with sand until golden brown and then incubated with lotus leaves until the mold is lightly porous on the right hand. Then to the stage of soya sauce, must choose a sunny day and then stir with a stick early in the morning, cover with a crock pot. The longer the sauce, the better it tastes.

The Ban soy sauce craft village currently has about 300 workers. Thanks to modern machines and technology, making the future is not as hard as it used to be. Our country has many localities that make soy sauce, but Ban soy sauce is still a famous specialty for tourists near and far.

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Tuong Nam Dan

Along with Ban soy sauce in Hung Yen, Nam Dan soy sauce in Nghe An is also a famous specialty. But it has a difference: thin soy sauce, soybeans make soybeans only broken into pieces, not crushed.

The soy sauce from Nghe is not as brown as Ban’s sauce, but is yellow like honey. Pieces of beans suspended in the water are thick, fragrant and sweet. The amount of salt put in to make the sauce is not small, but the bold taste of the salt has subsided, giving way to the flavor of the special sauce.

To get a delicious jar of soy sauce, people carefully select each jar. The jars are cooked evenly, the glaze is shiny, soaked in water for three or four days, then put the jars face down on the ground. Soybeans cooked with soybeans must choose new, uniform beans and perhaps only spring soybeans grown in Nam Dan will produce the best jars of soy sauce.

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The water used to cook soy sauce is as picky as the water used to cook green tea. Glutinous rice blows sticky rice to make mold, salt used to make soy sauce must be carefully selected. When roasting, when brewing beans, when cooking soy sauce, when drying and beating soy sauce… all must have the secret, experience, choose the sun to dry the soy sauce… Tuong Nam Dan, soy sauce from Nghe is easy to forget. once enjoy.

Shrimp paste

The Hau Loc people believe that the main secret to creating the charm is in moi – the main raw material for processing shrimp paste. When catching fish, fishermen keep it in nets (pounding nets), clean it in sea water and pour it into the ship’s cabin, picking up impurities. Before processing, moi continues to be cleaned, then mixed with table salt, which is preserved from 3 months to 1 year.

Then the moi – salt mixture is ground into small pieces and then put into large cement – cement tanks from 1 to 10 m3 or plastic tanks from 200 to 250 liters, with lids closed. Taking care of fish sauce is an important job that determines the quality of finished fish sauce. The more carefully taken care of the fish sauce, the more delicious the taste, the less “sticky” sauce, the more flexible, smooth, and beautiful the color.

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Every day, fish sauce is sun-dried and stirred one to three times. If it doesn’t rain, open the lid to let the air out. When it rains, the lid must be covered, because rainwater can rot the fish. After 3 to 12 days in the tank, the fish sauce starts to swell. The higher the salt concentration, the longer it takes to swell. During this period, you have to dry in the sun and beat the island every day, the more the fish swells, the more times you beat the island to let the gas escape, to avoid overflowing the fish sauce. About 2 to 5 months, the fish sauce is ripe. The best shrimp paste is in about 9 months to 1 year.


Around January to April of the lunar calendar, when the season comes, people make fish sauce again. Must choose fresh shrimp, absolutely do not use cold water to wash because the shrimp will rot. After washing, it must be splashed on the pan with granulated salt. Delicious fish sauce must not only have a light aroma, moderate taste, not too salty, but also have a pinkish red color.

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Making fish sauce is difficult, but enjoying this sophisticated fish sauce is extremely simple. Fish sauce can be used as a great dipping sauce for boiled meat. There are hundreds of delicious dishes prepared without fish sauce will become meaningless and bland. Cooking soup without shrimp paste, the pot of soup, even if skillfully processed, becomes bland and ungainly. Ruoc is also the main condiment to make a variety of vegetable dipping sauces.

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