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The West pushed Ukraine to this war

“The West pushed them to this war,” Lukashenko said in an interview with Japan’s TBS channel.

The Belarusian leader said Ukraine imposed sanctions on Belarus even before the West did. Lukashenko also said that military operations in Ukraine would end quickly if the US sided with peace, but Washington did not take such a step.

“This war could end very quickly if he (US President Joe Biden) made a phone call and if the US took a position in favor of establishing peace on Ukrainian territory. However, he did. Not doing that. The reason is because the current situation in Ukraine is in the US’s favor. That’s what the US needs, “said Lukashenko.

According to the leader of Belaus, both Russia and Ukraine can end hostilities by signing an agreement or through the US asking the Ukrainian authorities to stop military actions.

Belarus is also ready to deploy troops to the border between the Donbass region and Russia, but Ukraine has rejected the initiative, Lukashenko said.

“I did everything to prevent war and maintain peace here before the conflict between Russia and Ukraine broke out. I am even ready to block the border between Donbass and Russia. As you know, that is the border. The border is 400 km long and I am ready to deploy forces here and provide other assistance to Ukraine. Russia agreed, but Ukraine refused. Why? Because the West pushed them to start this war. “, the President of Belarus assessed.

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