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A series of Apple services is having problems

Many users can’t access iMessage, iCloud, Apple Music, Maps, or Apple TV for hours.

Most of the newest and most reported services belong to Apple.

Most of the newest and most reported services belong to Apple.

On page bottom detector – Websites specialize in reporting problems with Internet services, 10 out of 12 services reported access errors the most and the latest at 1 hour belongs to Apple. User complaints started appearing around 11:30 p.m. on March 21 and increased the most by 3:00 p.m. on March 22. Many comments reflect such as being unable to send or receive messages with iMessage, unable to sign in to iCloud services, Apple TV, or unable to download map data.

Based on The Verge, the problem does not occur simultaneously with all Apple services and affects each user differently. For example, at the same time iMessage works for one person but “freezes” for others instead of completely error like Facebook status ever met Exactly October 2021.

When, Bloomberg Report similar situations to the system for business administrators using Apple Business Manager. Account WABetaInfo It also confirms that not only login errors, iCloud backup and sync features also stop working and can cause data crashes.

Many services go down on Apple's status page.

Many services go down on Apple’s status page.

On the page that updates the operating status of all services from Apple, the blue and red colors are constantly changing with the company’s various services. However, for hours on end, almost half of the services are on the red line – idle or unstable. In the developer edition, most of the services are in an inactive state.

Apple has yet to issue an official response to the incident.

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