Google may have to censor search results

Google warns of unpredictable consequences when it has to censor online search results, if the Australian court’s ruling comes into effect. In a filing in Australia’s high court this week, Google said it risked censoring the search results displayed on its service, in the event of a $40,000 settlement ruling. not cancelled. In 2004, page … Read more

Controversy over ‘crypto winter’

Some experts say that the signs of 2018’s “crypto winter” are returning while others believe this is only a small fluctuation. “Crypto winter” is the term for the gloomy period of the cryptocurrency market, when the prices of coins continuously fall and are difficult to recover for a long time. Along with that comes a … Read more

Apple accessories are used to steal cars

An AirTag mounted in a truck helps drivers detect that the vehicle they are driving is stolen. Follow Fox7Last month, a driver in Texas received an alert from his iPhone that an AirTag was nearby, after he purchased a used truck a few hours ago. This person immediately informed the police. After searching, police found … Read more

Game – the new arena of the tech giants

Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision for $ 68.7 billion is expected to trigger a new race in the gaming industry with the participation of Big Tech. Professor Kathryn Rudie Harrigan at Columbia University said the deal between Microsoft and Activision “as a pre-emptive blow to take the lead” against Meta, the parent company of Facebook, in … Read more

NFT integration could harm Facebook, Twitter

NFT can drag traditional social networks like Facebook, Twitter into new troubles related to copyright and data control. On January 20, Twitter became the first major social network to allow users to choose NFT assets as avatars. Other sources say Meta is also looking to bring NFT into the profiles of Facebook and Instagram users. … Read more

US considers Alibaba’s cloud business

The Biden administration is reportedly looking into Alibaba’s cloud business in the US to determine if they pose a national security threat. Three unnamed sources familiar with the disclosure matter Reuters that the investigation by the administration of US President Joe Biden takes place in the context of Washington stepping up monitoring of deals between … Read more

‘Ploughs and buffaloes’ were sold massively when Bitcoin plunged

On cryptocurrency groups in Vietnam, many people are selling mining systems when Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies keep falling in price. “The coin floor is on fire, can’t take it anymore, so I’m selling cheap MSI GTX 1660 Ti Ventus, warranty until May 2022, priced at 9x million dong,” said Hoang Can, a cryptocurrency miner who … Read more

Rise of Asia’s ‘digital senior’

More and more Asian elderly people use social networks, play games, own VR glasses… and they are called “digital seniors”. Pechara Voracharusrungsri, 70 years old living in Bangkok, told Nikkei Asia that she uses Facebook and Line to shop online several times a month. Meanwhile, before the pandemic appeared, she only used social media to … Read more

Intel builds the world’s largest chip factory

Intel plans to invest 100 billion USD to build a chip manufacturing complex in the context of a serious shortage of the global semiconductor market. The move is part of a strategy to restore Intel’s dominance in the chip sector and reduce America’s dependence on Asian manufacturing hubs. Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger said the initial … Read more