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“When I was confused, Thao Van gave me a lot of advice”

Continuation of the interview with the daughter of the People’s Artist Justice, And Viet sends readers a second article about this character. During the conversation, Thuc Anh (son of People’s Artist Cong Ly and Chief Editor Thuc Khue – first wife) was very open about his relationship with his close friend Long Vu – son of artist Van Dung, younger brother of Titus (real name Gia Bao) – son of People’s Artist Cong Ly with MC Thao Van, with Uncle Thao Van and with grandparents.

When it comes to anyone, Thuc Anh always gives them affection, respect and love.

Gia Bao’s younger brother used to love being an actor like his father Cong Ly

At school, which Thuc Anh close to the children of artists?

– I played with Mr. Dom (real name Hoang Duong – PV) Uncle Hoang Dung’s son, Uncle Vu’s son Minh Tri and Nhim (real name Nguyen Long Vu – PV) son of Ms. Van Dung. Where, Mr. Dom, in the past, we didn’t talk much, only when he graduated from school, we talked more. As for Nhim, we get along well and support each other in many ways.

Daughter of People's Artist Justice:

Thuc Anh is close to Long Vu – the son of artist Van Dung. Photo: FBNV.

Hedgehog is a man full of positive energy and I love that positivity in Hedgehog. I also want to convey those positive messages to people through my practice. The whole point of Hedgehog is to try to create positive stories, stories that aim to make viewers cry and we are all similar in that respect.

In real life, Nhim always brings happiness to everyone. He is also an active and hardworking man. Every time I meet Nhim, I always feel happy, have a lot to talk about and can talk to each other all day long. I see the hedgehog as a friend who always listens and is willing to share. Usually, my views with Hedgehog are quite similar and can provide many complementary perspectives.

Did the two of you discuss whether to work on a film project together?

We haven’t promised each other anything. But for sure, if I made a movie, every movie would have a Hedgehog companion. And I will also contribute to give my friends more advice about acting or scripts. That means we will always accompany each other after graduation and at every milestone in the long journey to come.

How often do Thuc Anh share and meet Gia Bao (common name is Titus, son of People’s Artist Cong Ly and MC Thao Van)?

– We still connect with each other regularly. If we don’t see each other, we still call or text each other to flirt with each other. Sometimes, the two sisters would invite each other to visit their father, play with him and eat there with him.

In the past, when they were young, the two sisters didn’t seem to get along when they talked because they were both children, but then they got along a lot. Now Titus is a very understanding grown man with a very mature view of everything around him. We can talk about all kinds of things, about studying, about the future, about family and about life.

People's Artist's Daughter Cong Ly:

Thuc Anh and Gia Bao took a souvenir photo with their father and grandparents. Photo: FBNV.

Titus is a positive child and thinks highly of others. For example, when two sisters went to grandma’s house to play, when she was away, he often gave pocket money to the two sisters, but Titus usually didn’t take it but gave it to his sister. Titus said to him: “No, I will not take it, give it to Bu Kien”. Or when the two brothers went together, Titus would always ask where I was going and if I talked about friend A’s house, Titus friend B would take me right in front of your house and then go home. In general, Titus leads a very emotional life, taking care of his grandparents, parents, sisters and people around him.

Did Gia Bao ever tell Thuc Anh about his dreams for the future?

– It’s not good to talk deeply because he’s young, so he hasn’t thought too far. Long ago, Titus had expressed his desire to become an actor like Ly’s father. Back then, I was just “ah, yeah” but didn’t advise him at all. Recently, when two sisters came to visit their father, I asked idly: “Do you want to be an actor again?”, He said: “Now I don’t want to be an actor anymore, being an actor is difficult but also I don’t know will I be famous?” Titus admitted that he likes to learn information technology or anything related to technology because he really likes that field.

How often does Thuc Anh talk to Gia Bao’s mother – MC Thao Van?

– I don’t see him often, but we still talk from time to time. Yesterday, when I heard that you had Covid-19, I messaged to ask. Uncle Thao Van still gives me advice on family and life. When Ly’s father was sick, I experienced a lot of confusion and worry and Thao Van gave me a lot of very useful advice.

People's Artist's Daughter Cong Ly:

Thuc Anh and Gia Bao are eating with Ly’s father. Photo: FBNV.

“Father Justice thinks Ms. Hong Diem is smart and good at acting”

Whenever Thuc Anh and Gia Bao visited their grandparents, what advice did they give them about the future?

– From the day I went to school until now, because I was busy with school and part-time work, I didn’t have time to go back to my grandparents. Every time they come back, they are very happy, but when they leave, they are very nostalgic. Every time he came home, his eyes filled with tears, like “why don’t you stay for one night and then come back?”.

Because usually, when I go out to play with my grandparents, I always stay over and come back the next day. Now, with too much work and limited time, I can’t spend more time with my grandparents.

Every time they come home to play, grandpa and grandma make lots of delicious dishes to eat and are very pampered. When they left, their grandparents gave them lots of things to take home, but they weren’t happy when they weren’t married.

In today’s era, young people who are very active when entering school with wet feet, have been looking for work outside to have little money to cover, especially students of theater – film, conservatory schools. , art… Is Thuc Anh like you guys?

– I also have a part time job. But as I see you guys go to work to gain experience and earn money to cover life, I go to work to gain experience and support friends (if requested by you) not for the purpose of making money. My parents never let me worry about anything related to money. It could even be said that my parents didn’t want me to rush into making money early, which affected my studies.

People's Artist's Daughter Cong Ly:

Thuc Anh is studying in the third year of theater school – film, majoring in directing. Photo: FBNV.

Among today’s famous directors and actors, whose style is Thuc Anh’s favourite?

– It’s quite funny that I learned to direct but pay more attention to the acting of actors and artists. Among the actors in Vietnam today, apart from Cong Ly’s father, I really like Ms. Hong Diem. Ms Diem is an amateur but I found her acting very good and smart. Ly’s father also gave a lot of compliments about Ms Diem. Her father thought Ms. Diem as a smart person, with a creative acting mindset and very emotional acting.

From a director’s perspective, I really like Mr.’s style. Vu Truong Khoa. As for the movie side, I’ve never seen anyone really “rock” me (laughs).

Thank you Thuc Anh for sharing the information!

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