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[11h20 ngày 23/3] Secret coin number 13: “Fried cooking tricks”

The financial reporting season is the time when investors consider whether they can still be friends when “scanning” your company’s reports. That is because, due to regulations that do not follow international standards for financial information disclosure in Vietnam, many businesses are betting their reputation to fry “number” and “item” on the report. for private purposes.

Therefore, knowing how to read financial statements is no longer a sufficient requirement for investors. To win the market, investors also have to be very sharp to recognize the “processed” signs of the witches in the financial department of the business.

[11h20 ngày 23/3]  Coin secret number 13: Cooking tips - Photo 1.

“Secrets of money” number 13 with the theme “Fried cooking tricks”

In “Secrets of money” number 13 with the theme “Frying tips”, the audience will read the “name of the dish” together with the experts, call the “recipe” of the familiar and unfamiliar tricks on the financial report. such as saving cakes, washing flooded vegetables, picking cherries… How do these tricks work, which items will be deleted, what loopholes will businesses pass through… invite you to follow some promising programs extremely interesting and creative appointment to join us to “open the bowl”.

The above content will be led by familiar faces of the program: Host Duong Ngoc Trinh, expert Pham Luu Hung (Mr. X30) – Deputy Director of SSI Securities Investment Advisory and Analysis Center (SSI) Research) and Editorial Hoang Nam. This week’s guest is an anonymous face but will join the crew to bring hidden “fried dishes” to the light.

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