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AFC: Win the Chinese team

AFC: The Vietnamese team can have more victories in the 2022 World Cup qualifiers
According to Do Hung Dung, the victory over China means a lot to the Vietnamese team. (Source: Vietnamnet)

The Vietnamese team has more confidence after the victory over China

In an interview posted on the homepage of the Asian Football Confederation (AFC), midfielder Do Hung Dung said that the spirit of the Vietnamese team was different after the victory over China on February 1. already.

Do Hung Dung said: “Before the match against China, the Vietnamese team experienced 7 consecutive defeats.

This is not surprising as this is the first time that we are present in the third qualifying round of the World Cup in Asia, facing the strongest teams in the continent such as Japan, Australia, Saudi Arabia, the teams. participated in the World Cup many times”.

“Even China and Oman are about 20 places above us in the FIFA rankings. The absence of any points after 7 matches affects the mentality of the Vietnamese team, reducing the fans’ confidence in the game. we”.

The longer the series of empty-handed days, the greater the desire to win for the Vietnamese team. In particular, the Chinese team is an opponent that Vietnamese football fans are very interested in.

Captain Do Hung Dung said: “We are very determined in the match against China, especially since this match takes place on the first day of the Lunar New Year. We played with everything we had.”

“The 3-1 victory over China is a very meaningful victory for Vietnamese football, not only bringing us 3 historic points but also a meaningful gift for fans in the new year,” added belief allows us to move forward with a positive mindset,” emphasized Hung Dung.

The goal of reaching the 2026 World Cup finals

Obviously, after the victory against the Chinese team nearly two months ago, the mood of the Vietnamese team is different now.

Coach Park Hang Seo’s army believes that there can be more victories in the third qualifying round of the World Cup.

The home page of the Asian Football Confederation also commented on the significance of the victory for the Vietnamese team.

The AFC website reads: “When the Vietnamese team defeated the Chinese team 3-1 in the 8th round of the third qualifying round, the golden star warriors (as the international media call the Vietnamese team) not only got the first point. first, but they also achieved one of the most memorable victories in Vietnamese football history.

It was the first time they overcame the Chinese team in an official tournament.”

Hung Dung added about the team’s remaining journey in the World Cup qualifiers: “Despite facing strong opponents in the first time here, the Vietnamese team always aims to earn points through each match. fight”.

“In the next game against Oman, their players have speed, strength, but we also have our strengths, especially when playing at home.

This is our last match at home in the 2022 World Cup qualifiers, and the Vietnamese team wants to bring joy to the audience,” Hung Dung emphasized.

In addition, the captain of the Vietnamese team also shared: “Although we have definitely been eliminated from the 2022 World Cup, we still cherish every match. The opponent is the best teacher, the stronger the opponent, the better. The more I learn from them.”

“The goal of Vietnamese football is to reach the 2026 World Cup finals, when the number of participating teams increases to 48. Therefore, the matches in the present are a great experience for us to look to the future.” – still the words of Hung Dung on the AFC website.

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