Luu Thien surrendered, 8 years in Wei land, why didn’t the people of Thuc Han rebel? Simple reason

During the Three Kingdoms period, many changes revolved around the wars between the three countries, Cao Wei, Shu Han and Dong Ngo. During decades of mutiny, the ultimate ambition of leaders like Cao Cao, Liu Bei and Sun Quan was to unify the world. However, all three have not been able to achieve this goal for many reasons.

The situation of the Three Kingdoms changed a lot after Quan Vu passed away regretfully, Luu Bei put all his efforts into conquest of Dong Ngo, finally defeated at the battle of Di Lang. Not long after, Liu Bei fell seriously ill and died in the White Emperor citadel in 223.

After Liu Bei’s death, Luu Thien became the emperor of Shu Han and received the powerful support of prime minister Zhuge Liang. However, after Zhuge Liang and the senior generals died one by one, Shu Han also gradually weakened.

  Luu Thien surrendered, 8 years in Wei land, why didn't the people of Thuc Han rebel?  The reason is simple - Photo 1.

After Liu Bei passed away, Luu Thien ascended the throne and received the effective support of Zhuge Liang.

In 263, Cao Wei’s army attacked Chengdu, the capital of Shu Han. At that time, instead of trying to fight, Luu Thien made an unexpected decision, which was to open the city gate and voluntarily surrender. Luu Thien has long been assessed as incompetent, so is this action “stupid”?

The answer is no. Not only is Luu Thien not stupid, but he is also a bit sharp and intelligent. The situation at that time if there was a fight to the death, it would be difficult to win, moreover, if the Cao Wei army could destroy the citadel, the people of Shu Han would definitely be massacred.

In order to save the innocent people, Luu Thien decided to open the gate to surrender, taking the name of weakness himself but saving the lives and property of the people. However, the act of surrendering that caused the death of Thuc Han also made Luu Thien laugh at people, even saying that the last emperor of Thuc Han was really incompetent.

In fact, Zhuge Liang wholeheartedly supported Luu Thien for 11 years before dying of exhaustion in 234. After that, Chiang Uyen and Phi Y became the main assistants for Luu Thien.

If Liu Shan is incompetent, can he continue to be emperor for 29 years after Zhuge Liang’s death? Even Luu Thien is the emperor with the longest reign in the Three Kingdoms with 41 years. After Zhuge Liang died, Liu Shan abolished the prime minister system. Instead, the last emperor of the Shu Han dynasty created two posts, Da Tu Ma (in charge of public affairs) and General of Shogun (in charge of military affairs). Although these two positions do not hold great power like Prime Minister Zhuge Liang, there is a clear separation of powers and separation.

In addition, Luu Thien also stopped the expedition to the North because it was a waste of national resources and people’s money.

As the emperor of Shu Han, the safety of Luu Thien is of course tied to the safety of the people of Shu Han. Therefore, broadly speaking, Luu Thien’s surrender to the Cao Wei dynasty was in fact for the purpose of ensuring the safety of the people of Shu Han.

Moreover, because of being “aware of the times”, Liu Bei also received good treatment from Cao Wei’s army. Specifically, right after the surrender, on behalf of Emperor Cao Wei, General Dang Ngai appointed Luu Thien as the General of the Phieu Ky.

Later, when he arrived at Lac Duong, Luu Thien was also named An Lac Cong by the Emperor of Cao Wei. However, at first, Luu Thien also had to live under the control and precaution of Sima Zhao, the son of Sima Yi, who was also Cao Wei’s authority at that time.

What is the reason the people of Shu Han do not rebel?

Once Sima Zhao opened a banquet and invited Luu Thien to attend. During the party, Sima Zhao intentionally arranged for the court ladies to dance the dance of the state of Shu. At that time, all the officials of Thuc Han were moved to remember their homeland. However, Luu Thien appeared happy. When Sima Zhao asked Liu Shan if he missed the country of Shu, Liu Shan smiled and said:I’m happy here, I don’t remember anything about the land of Thuc anymore“.

  Luu Thien surrendered, 8 years in Wei land, why didn't the people of Thuc Han rebel?  The reason is simple - Photo 2.

Luu Thien “played stupid” to escape a dangerous situation in Wei land.

Luu Thien’s naive answer, without a will to restore the country, unexpectedly successfully removed Sima Zhao’s suspicions and precautions. This “great wisdom pretending to be stupid” of Luu Thien not only helped him get out of a dangerous situation but also preserved the lives of the people of Thuc Han.

If a lost king like Luu Thien could be safe and live happily in Wei land for 8 years, then of course, the people of Thuc Han would not be violent and rebel. Moreover, a wise person like Sima Zhao who holds Cao Wei’s great power is not an easy person to deal with.

If it weren’t for the wise Luu Thien “faking fool” from the very beginning, perhaps the fate of this lost emperor as well as the people of Thuc Han would have been very unpredictable.

In 271, Luu Thien died in Luoyang, at the age of 64, his son inherited the title An Lac Cong. It can be said that Luu Thien is one of the few “happy” kings who lost his country in history when he was able to live comfortably and his descendants also had a place in Wei land.

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