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Wife is 4 months pregnant but no one knows

Regarding the clip of the husband holding a knife repeatedly slashing at his wife, then hanging himself, occurred in Tan Thanh Dong commune, Cu Chi district, Ho Chi Minh City. In Ho Chi Minh City, information from the Cu Chi District Police said that the husband’s body was cremated and handed over to the family to take care of the aftermath.

On the evening of March 22, people living around the victim’s house were still shocked, could not believe their eyes when they witnessed the incident.

The husband with the knife-like object repeatedly slashed his wife in the grocery store

According to people living around, after watching the clip from the camera, no one could believe that a man with a gentle and quiet appearance could be so brutal.

Sharing on Dan Viet, Mr. Nguyen Quoc Bao (41 years old, next door neighbor) had revelations that surprised many people.

According to Mr. Bao, when Tan Thanh Dong Commune Police were present at the scene, they found this grocery store closed. Shining a light inside to check, everyone was shocked when they saw that Mr. NVT (46 years old – who slashed NTHL) had died in a hanging position).

“After slashing Ms. L. seriously, while people and family members were worried about taking the victim to the emergency room, Mr. T locked the door and committed suicide”, one witness said.

Worth mentioning, when Ms. L went to the emergency room, her family knew that she was about 20 weeks pregnant. Although she was slashed many times all over her body, fortunately Ms. L. still kept her life.

The case of a husband using a knife to cut ice and cut his wife brutally in Ho Chi Minh City: The wife is 4 months pregnant but no one knows - Photo 3.

The man used a knife to cut the stone and cut the woman dozens of times. Image cut from clip

As for Mr. T., a neighbor said that he was a resident of another place who had just moved in before the Lunar New Year.

Mr. T. and the victim did not register their marriage, just living together as husband and wife. Previously, Mr. T. worked as a driver but had a passion for betting and gambling, so he was advised by his relatives.

Due to the fact that Mr. T.’s temperament is usually gentle, Ms. L’s family accepts Mr. T. in-laws.

Initially, the authorities determined the cause of the incident stemmed from a money dispute.

We will continue to report the incident. ai-biet-20220322204134287.chn

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