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Vietnamese quiz: “What’s the first letter in ‘ALCEPT’?”

Not only is the language with countless difficult words and different usages, but Vietnamese also has tricky question, no matter how knowledgeable the respondent is, it is still possible to give the wrong answer. Because from a seemingly simple question, when transformed in a different way, it is very difficult, it takes both thinking and creativity to answer.

But questions like these also make many people excited because they are different from the usual answers. To test this try the following question:

What is the first letter in “ALCEPT”?

Question Vietnamese: What is the first letter in the alphabet?  - Answering the letter A is wrong!  - Photo 1.

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In this question, the player thought for a while and gave the answer “B”. Soon after, many married people broke up because it was too absurd, whether Vietnamese or English alphabets all start with the letter “A”. This even preschool children know and read every day.

However, the answer is the word “B” completely correct.

The reason why the letter “A” is the first letter of the alphabet is known and recognized by everyone. But in order to make a question more challenging, it has changed the way it is asked, not in the normal alphabet but in the phrase “ALphabet”. Then, the first letter must begin with the letter “B”.

The answer to this question makes many people fall back because it is both surprising and interesting, few people can think of it. That’s why even though it’s just a simple question, it’s extremely difficult when it’s changed. You have to think logically to answer it correctly.

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