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70 Gen Z “monsters” carry knives and machetes to the street, and also record clips to post TikTok

On the afternoon of March 23, the Traffic Police Department, Da Nang City Police said that the identities of 12 subjects in the group have been verified.Monster driver“Bringing a pig-throwing knife and machete, they committed acts of causing unsafety to traffic and security on the roads in Da Nang on the night of March 19 and 20.

Before that, a group of more than 70 teenagers riding on 30 motorbikes, in which many “monsters” were carrying pig knives, homemade swords, using medical masks to cover license plates, and were racing like crazy. roads in Cam Le and Ngu Hanh Son districts, causing many people to panic.

Clip: 70 “monsters” carrying knives and machetes “boom” the streets of Da Nang

In particular, while “parading martial arts” on the street, this “ou Nhi” group also recorded a clip posted on TikTok to ask for likes.

Receiving the news, the Traffic Police Department cooperated with the Criminal Police Department (Da Nang Police), Hoa Quy Ward Police (Ngu Hanh Son District), Dien Nam Trung Ward Police, Dien Nam Bac Ward Police, Police Dien Nam Dong Ward (Dien Ban Town, Quang Nam), Luong The Vinh High School and Nguyen Duc An Secondary School (Dien Ban, Quang Nam) to clarify information about the subjects.

Initially, the police identified 12 subjects in this group of “monsters”. The subjects are only from 16 to 18 years old, of which 4 are living in Hoa Quy ward (Ngu Hanh Son district) and 8 are living in Dien Ban town (Quang Nam).

These teenagers confessed that, on the evening of March 19 and 20, they were invited by a Facebook user named “Cu Ty” to fight with another group of people in Hoa Quy ward (Ngu Hanh Son district).

70 gen Z drivers brought knives and machetes to the streets, and recorded a clip to post TikTok - Photo 2.

The drivers at the police station (Photo: CA)

After that, these male students prepared many weapons, used medical masks to cover the number plates, tore off their raincoats and bandages on their biceps to identify the opponent, and then followed “Cu Ty” to the rendezvous point to bloody. However, because the opponent group could not be found, the group continued to walk around many routes to search.

The police have also identified “Cu Ty” as Pham Ngoc N., (SN 2006, residing in Dien Nam Bac ward, Dien Ban town, Quang Nam). However, this object is not present in the locality, so it is being searched by the functional forces.

The case is being further clarified.

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