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Child star from the movie ‘Hong Hy Quan’ then – now

Ta Mieu, who played Jet Li’s son in “Hong Hy Quan”, is 38 years old this year, mostly participating in low-budget films.

Chinese actor launches historic martial arts film Demon god of war on March 9, took the lead role. On the forum Doubanthe work received mostly negative reviews regarding the content, technique, and acting of the stars.

Child star from the movie 'Hong Hy Quan' then - now

Ta Mieu, Ly Lien Kiet in “Hong Hy Quan: Shaolin Five Patriarchs”. Videos: Bilibili

Based on QQTa Mieu is currently unpopular in the martial arts film series, with few opportunities to appear in big-budget projects. However, he continues to star in low and mid-budget online films. Last year, Ta Miao participated in the series Sword Fairy Mistress Tiger’s Gate Enlightenment Master Diep Man Northeast Police Story.

Ta Mieu at 38 years old.  Photo: Weibo/Xie Miao

Ta Mieu at 38 years old. Photo: Weibo/Xie Miao

Since 2017, Ta Mieu has acted in about 15 films that are shown online. On CCTV6, the actor said that he got many film contracts thanks to knowing martial arts. The actor said: “Audiences still love watching fighting movies. The cost of movies showing online is much lower than movies in theaters, so we couldn’t do everything perfectly but invested heavily in some points, for example punching and kicking scenes, satisfying audience.” The actor said that in the coming years, the focus of his work will still be shooting online action and fiction genre films.

Ta Mieu is the breadwinner of the family while his wife, actress Ha Ngan Nghe, retired to take care of the house and children. The two married in 2013, have a daughter. On his personal page on March 2, Ngan Nga wrote that he spends most of his time on the film crew, with little opportunity to return home. Now, every day Ha Ngan Nghe with his family, feels happier and happier.

Ha Ngan Nghe and his daughter.  She used to play Beauty in the world, Phong Than Hero of Table 2... Photo: Weibo/Xie Miao

Ha Ngan Nghe and his daughter. He used to play “Beauty of the world”, “Feeling the hero of table 2″… Photo: Weibo/Xie Miao

Ha Ngan Nghe joined the entertainment industry at the age of 26 while her husband was famous since childhood. Page Chinese Movies When talking about Ta Mieu, viewers often think of the martial arts film he starred in with Jet Li, especially Hong Hy Quan (1994). At that time, Ta Mieu was 10 years old, playing the role of the brave and skilled son of Ly Lien Kiet. The scene of punching and kicking the child star in the work was praised by the audience for being honest and beautiful. In 1995, Ta Mieu continued to play the son of the action star in Letter to dad (other name: Red Death Dragon).

Ta Mieu has also appeared in many famous films such as Little Concubine 1994 (starring with Ngo Manh Dat), Divine Card 2 (starring Chow Yun Fat), Legendary Shaolin Temple

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