Tragically helpless, China U23 fell bitterly before the Thailand match

Before the opening match of the Dubai Cup, the media China regretted that the home team could not face U23 Vietnam, lost the opportunity to replace the national team “revenge” after the defeat against the Vietnamese team in the World Cup qualifying round.

Unable to compete with U23 Vietnam, China U23 still set big goals because this is the first time they have attended international matches after 2 years. Dubai Cup is also a great opportunity for China U23 to look forward to ASIAD 2022 held at home.

However, China U23 did not show much in front of the host UAE. Coach Aleksandar Jankovic’s army entered the game quite confidently, but they only maintained the initiative in the first few minutes of the first half. The more they kicked, the more the UAE took the initiative to control the ball and gradually gained the upper. .

After many plans to deploy attacks with high speed, UAE U23 got the opening goal from a corner kick in the 30th minute. Khamis was present at the right time to cushion the ball to open the scoring for home team.

Tragically helpless, China U23 fell bitterly before the Thailand match - Photo 1.

China U23 could not preserve the net against the attack of the UAE in the first half.

Having a goal helps the spirit of the UAE players to be more excited. The home team continuously deployed attacks, causing China U23 to retreat to a rather low squad for defense. Without the excellence of goalkeeper Han Jia Qi, China U23 could hardly avoid the second goal before the end of the first half.

Basically, during the first half, the UAE was a more dominant team than China and the score 1-0 accurately reflected the situation of the half.

The moment after the break witnessed the helplessness of China U23. This is the period when the UAE plays down, creating conditions for China U23 to make many relatively good attacks. At this time, the UAE no longer maintains the dominance of the game as in the first half, but it is China that is the team playing on foot.

China U23 continuously has opportunities, from fixed situations to attack plans from both sides. However, the lack of accuracy in the final handling made the visitors powerless to score the equalizer. In the middle of the second half, coach Aleksandar Jankovic made a series of changes in personnel, but the situation did not improve much.

Tragically helpless, China U23 fell bitterly before the Thailand match - Photo 2.

There are times when China U23 is engrossed in attack and creates space in defence. That creates conditions for the UAE to have a delicious opportunity to increase the gap. However, like the Chinese strikers, the UAE striker did not take advantage of it. This is the reason why the second half ended with neither team able to score.

The match ended with a 1-0 win for UAE U23s. China U23 sadly received an unfortunate defeat. Perhaps, the most positive point with China U23 in this match is the mental factor, because coach Jankovic’s students played hard during the second half, not soon “give up” after receiving a goal.

The defeat in this match also revealed the weaknesses of the Chinese team, both in the defense and the ability to take advantage of opportunities of the strikers. If not improved in time, China U23 promises to face many difficulties in the next match when encountering Thailand U23 – the team that has just lost to Qatar 0-1.

Final score: U23 UAE 1-0 U23 China

Starting lineup:

Tragically helpless, U23 China fell bitterly before the Thailand match - Photo 3.

The starting lineup of U23 UAE.

China U23: Han Jia Qi, Wen Jiabao, Wu Shaocong, Jiang Shenglong, Xu Haofeng, Dilyimit Tudi, Xu Yue, Chen Guokang, Liu Zhurun, He Yupeng, Fang Hao

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