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Technology car companies increase fares because of pressure on gas prices

The revenue of transport enterprises in general and technology car companies in particular are declining. In order to offset operating costs due to the burden of many fees due to the COVID-19 epidemic and fluctuations in gas prices, some transportation connection applications have had to take into account the price increase.

With an average of about 2 dozen rides a day, Dang now has to spend twice as much on gas as before. Not to mention, he also has to spend other small expenses such as car repair and maintenance. According to him, this is also the reason why the number of customers booking cars is less because all additional costs are due to pressure from gas prices.

“In the past, I spent 100 thousand VND for 1 day. Now I have to spend 170 – 180 thousand. It has a lot of influence!” – Mr. Tran Van Dang, Grab Bike driver, shared.

Since the beginning of the year, gasoline prices have increased by nearly 30%. Therefore, technology car companies are forced to calculate freight rates. And this adjustment is to adapt to market fluctuations and at the same time encourage drivers to increase their income to cover their lives.

“Recently, there was a slight adjustment to help the driver, but the price of gasoline increased so it didn’t penetrate. When gasoline increased, the services also increased, customers were also restricted from moving.” – Mr. Doan Xuan Vinh, Grab Car driver, said.

According to transport enterprises, fuel costs account for 35% of the cost of transportation business. At Eastern Bus Station, most car companies have to consider a plan to reduce trips to cut losses during the time when petrol increases.

Mr. Ta Truong Chinh – Deputy General Director of Mien Dong Bus Station – said: “It really causes many difficulties for transport businesses. Transport enterprises reduce the scale of operations to reduce operating capacity at bus stations. Eastern bus station has received a declaration file for adjusting toll charges. For 22 transport enterprises, there is an adjustment to increase ticket prices with an average adjustment of about 26%..

Tolls increase, but drivers still have difficulties because they have to pay for gas, maintenance and repair fees themselves… Therefore, many people want gasoline prices to be adjusted stably soon so they can stick to it. stay with the profession.

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