CONCACAF World Cup Qualifiers: Canada missed tickets early

This morning, the 12th round of the final qualifying round took place World Cup 2022 CONCACAF region (North, Central America and the Caribbean). This round has 8 teams participating in a round-robin competition with 2 rounds. The top 3 teams will go directly to the finals, while the 4th ranked team will attend the intercontinental play-off to compete for tickets.

The focus of this morning’s series is the match between Mexico and the United States. Having the home field advantage, creating an overwhelming number of opportunities and games, but Mexico could not once concede a predestined opponent. The two teams split points with a score of 0-0, thereby making the race to win tickets to Qatar in the last 2 matches more attractive.

In the match 5 minutes later, the top team Canada suddenly lost 0-1 in the trip to Costa Rica. The red card of Mark Anthony Kaye on the Canadian side in the 34th minute changed the game. Costa Rica took advantage of the advantage to score the decisive goal in the first half of injury time by Celso Borges. This victory helps Keylor Navas and his teammates hold on to the opportunity to win 1 of 3 direct tickets to Qatar.

Meanwhile, Canada has missed the opportunity to win early tickets. However, Alphonso Davies’ team will at least win the play-off position, because they are 6 points ahead of Costa Rica (ranked 4) and more than the head-to-head record with only 2 matches left.

CONCACAF World Cup Qualifiers: Canada missed tickets early - Photo 2.

Mexico is divided by the US at home

By the end of the 12th match, the three bottom teams of the table had run out of chances to compete for the next round, namely El Salvador, Jamaica and Honduras. The remaining 5 teams still have the opportunity to compete with 3 direct places in the finals and 1 place in the play-off.

The next series of matches of the 2022 World Cup qualifiers in the CONCACAF region will take place on the morning of March 28. After this series of matches, it is likely that a few names will definitely come to Qatar.

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