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Female TikToker nearly 20 million followers “weighed” every image, transforming from sexy General Lien Quan to the Marvel universe

TikToker Tra Dang full name is Dang Thu Tra, born in 1998, is living and working in Ho Chi Minh City. Possessing a personal appearance, Tra quickly received the attention of a large number of netizens. She is one of the hottest names on TikTok with nearly 17 million followers up to now.

Female TikToker nearly 20 million followers

After a period of hard work, persistently building a personal brand “identity set”, viewers gradually get used to the content that this hot girl creatively performs. Among them, this TikToker / dancer attracts attention with a series of short, vibrant clips, promoting her natural transformation ability.

Notably, this girl has never been subdued by any image. The characters that she plays are very diverse, from the generals of the Union Army, Wild Rift to roles in the DC and Marvel cinematic universes.

Female TikToker constantly tries new images.

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It is known that, starting from 2018, Tra Dang is loved by fans thanks to good cosplay and trend-catching clips. To attract more viewers, she focuses on investing and creating in every little detail. Every time she appears online, this pretty girl exudes dynamism mixed with sexy, confident and charismatic aura.

At the end of 2020, Tra Dang participated in a TV game show with Long Chun, Le Bong encountered criticism, denigrating objectionable costumes, uncharacteristic beauty like when appearing on TikTok and boring, noisy ways of talking. oh. Although she received a lot of “brick and stone”, she still maintained her hotness after that, even having a significant ranking. She officially ranked 2nd in Vietnam’s 100 hot TikTokers at the end of 2020.

Female TikToker has nearly 20 million followers
Female TikToker nearly 20 million followers

Tra Dang also has a close relationship with Linh Ngoc Dam.

Regularly monitor trends both at home and abroad to find ideas. With good and new content, she absorbs creative ideas on multiple social media channels for her loving fans. With all those efforts, this sexy hot TikToker is becoming more and more perfect, winning a lot of love from fans.

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