Huynh Nhu: SEA Games 31 at home is pressure but also motivation

In response to the reporter’s question about the first difficulties, Huynh Nhu frankly said: “In the past time, I and my teammates have maintained training at the club. At this gathering, we only have left. The time to prepare is very short. Up to now, the first day of concentration has not been difficult. We have a new journey ahead of us and hope to have a lot of luck. The whole team is ready to follow the teachings. project of coach Mai Duc Chung and the coaching staff”.

“During this gathering, coach Mai Duc Chung called a lot of young players, an increase compared to the previous round. This is an opportunity for young players to express themselves. Although young, many players have been there. participated in the national team in the past. I believe that after that time, the players have accumulated experience and this time they will integrate well with the team”, Huynh Nhu answered the question of Reporters related to the list of young players called up.

Huynh Nhu: SEA Games 31 at home is pressure but also motivation - Photo 1.

The Vietnamese women’s team gathers on March 27 to prepare for the 31st SEA Games

At SEA Games 31, women’s football will take place in Cam Pha, Quang Ninh. Answering a reporter’s question, Huynh Nhu shared: “Playing at home, with everyone’s expectations, the whole team will have pressure. But I and the players will take that pressure as my own. motivation to try to devote and compete to achieve good results, to win the fans”.

“When I heard that the Vietnamese women’s team was invited to Korea to play two friendly matches with the national team, I felt this was a good opportunity for us to compete against each other and prepare well before the tournament. entered the SEA Games”, Huynh Nhu shared briefly before entering the training ground with the players.

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