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Increasing number of COVID-19 cases among children in the US

In Americanearly 30,000 children have been confirmed with COVID-19 in the past week.

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Academy of Pediatrics Association, more than 12.8 million American children have COVID-19 Since the outbreak in this country, of which more than 171,000 cases have been recorded in the past 4 weeks.

Health officials said that it is necessary to assess the impact of the pandemic on children’s health as well as the long-term effects on the physical, mental and social life of children and young people. current year due to the impact of the pandemic.

Previously, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released a report on February 15 showing that, compared with the previous wave of disease caused by the Delta Sea, the complications caused by the epidemic wave that the strain was caused by the virus. The Omicron virus can cause up to four times the number of children and adolescents hospitalized for treatment.

Increasing number of COVID-19 cases among children in the US - Photo 1.

Nearly 30,000 children in the US have contracted COVID-19 in the past week. (Photo: Time)

According to the above report, the US is seeing a spike in the number of COVID-19 patients who are under 5 years old because this group of people has not been vaccinated against COVID-19.

The CDC report, which aggregates surveillance data from 99 counties in 14 states, shows that during the period when Omicrons accounted for the majority of new cases identified by the CDC from December 19, 2021 to February 22, 2022. , ratio hospitalized children due to complications of COVID-19 is 7.1/100,000 children, while this number in the Delta stage as the dominant infectious variant (from July 1, 2021 to December 18, 2021) is 1 ,8/100,000 children.

Worryingly, the group of children under the age of 5, who are not yet eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine according to Food and Drug Administration (FDA) guidelines, have seen an increase in hospital admissions. largest of any age group under 18 during the Omicron period.

The weekly admission rate stood at 15.6/100,000 children compared with 2.9/100,000 children during the Delta wave.

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