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When is the Qingming Festival 2022? What to do on Thanh Minh New Year’s Day?

Thanh Minh is a Sino-Vietnamese word, in which “thanh” is clear air, and “minh” is bright. When the Spring equinox passes, the dusty rains of spring have ended, the sky becomes clear and bright, it is the Thanh Minh period.

According to the ancient Vietnamese calendar, a year will have 24 air periods, each corresponding to a specific weather pattern and coincides with the four seasons of the year. These weather patterns are used to calculate the timing of grain sowing in order to choose when weather conditions are most favorable.

In which, Thanh Minh period means purity and brightness. This is the freshest time of the year, so it is very suitable for performing important rituals.

In Vietnam, during the Thanh Minh period, people have the custom of going to graves (cutting grass, adding more soil to the grave) to remember ancestors and deceased relatives.. Although going away for business, on this day the family gathers to go to the grave and then come home to gather around the family meal tray. The graves are clean and tidy, as if they were showing their respect for their ancestors.

During the Thanh Minh New Year, the cemeteries often become crowded and crowded, demonstrating the principle of “Drink water, remember the source” of the beautiful culture of the Vietnamese people. Teach children and grandchildren to love filial piety and respect their parents and grandparents while they are still alive, not wait until they die to pay their respects.

When is Thanh Minh New Year 2022 on?

Thanh Minh holiday does not have a fixed date, starting from April 4-5 (after the end of the Spring Equinox period) and ending around April 20-21 of the solar calendar (when the beginning of Tet Coc Vu) . On this holiday, descendants come together to visit the graves of their ancestors, together clean and wash the graves and arrange offerings for the ancestors, hoping that the ancestors will bless their children and grandchildren to always be healthy and peaceful.

In 2022, Thanh Minh New Year falls on Tuesday, April 5, 2022 (March 5 of the lunar calendar).

What do Vietnamese people usually do during Thanh Minh New Year?

although Thanh Minh New Year It is not a big holiday of the year, but it is imbued with Vietnamese culture. This is a traditional custom associated with the life and morality of Vietnamese people.

When is Thanh Minh New Year 2022 on?  What to do on Thanh Minh New Year's Day?  - Photo 1.

Commemorating graves on Thanh Minh New Year’s Day is a long-standing custom of Vietnamese people. (Photo: @stiffnguyen)

According to spiritual feng shui, Thanh Minh day is the day when children and grandchildren fulfill their filial piety to their ancestors. Day to remember the merits of the parents who sacrificed and maintained the next generation of descendants. On the Qingming day, people often prepare decent offerings such as lamps, incense, and fruits to offer to their ancestors.

All offerings are arranged in front of the gravestone of the deceased, along with a vow to wish the ancestors to bless their children and grandchildren with peace and good luck in life. This worshiping ceremony is known by many as the grave of the grave. After worshiping, the children and grandchildren together clean up around the grave of the deceased ancestors.

Tomb in Thanh Minh New Year helps children and grandchildren remember their roots and ancestors. It is a day for generations of descendants to gather together and pay filial piety to the deceased parents.

Currently, many people confuse Thanh Minh New Year with Han Thuc New Year (March 3 of the lunar calendar), although these two days are completely different. This year, Han Thuc New Year falls on April 3, 2022, which is 2 days before Thanh Minh New Year.

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