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Almost 5 kg pregnant, husband still forces his wife to give birth normally, 1 year later it hurts to see the baby

Experts and obstetricians alike recommend women pregnant normal birth. However, in cases where it is necessary, caesarean section is a method that should be applied immediately to ensure the safety of both mother and baby. Like the couple below, they were very sad when they stubbornly gave birth to their first son.

Like the case of Liu Hong Quong who currently lives in Qujing, Yunnan, China. After a failed marriage, Liu remarried and at the age of 35 and quickly became pregnant after that. Around the beginning of 2019, Ms Liu was about to give birth and was advised by the doctor to opt for a caesarean section because the fetus is currently quite large, weighing almost 5kg while the mother’s body is quite small. If you give birth naturally, it can cause a lot of harm to both mother and baby. However, when discussing this with the family, Ms. Liu’s husband emphatically disagreed, saying that somehow she had to give birth naturally because caesarean section was expensive and very dangerous for the unborn baby.

Almost 5kg pregnant, husband still forces wife to give birth normally, 1 year later it hurts to see children - 1

When Ms. Liu was pregnant with her first child, her husband insisted on having it vaginally even though the ultrasound doctor determined that the fetus was nearly 5kg.

Not long after, Ms. Liu was also admitted to the hospital to give birth. After hours of hard work and pain due to difficulty giving birth, a baby boy weighing 4.63 kg was also born, named Luteng. Thinking that the baby was born safely, everything would go smoothly, but this mother had absolutely no idea that the months ahead would be many times more difficult than the period of pregnancy and childbirth.

A few days after birth, Ms Liu noticed that the baby’s head was quite soft, so she went to the doctor, when she received an answer that the reason was because the baby’s head was compressed by the birth canal, a few months later it would be firm. Normally, the mother would feel safe, but things things don’t stop there.

Almost 5kg pregnant, husband still forces wife to give birth normally, 1 year later it hurts to see the child - 2

Son Liu was born with a pinched nerve at birth, which causes delayed brain and motor nervous system development.

About 1 month later, Luteng’s baby boy started showing many unusual manifestations, or was very fussy, no matter how much he comforted him, he also frequently had fever, diarrhea, vomiting, etc. Liu has taken the child to many hospitals, but the child’s condition is still not much better. Eventually, Luteng was transferred to a Shanghai hospital. Here, doctors diagnosed the boy with an adenovirus infection and had to be admitted to the hospital for immediate treatment. In just 18 days of hospitalization, the total hospital fees to be paid reached 80,000 yuan (nearly 285 million dong). Liu and her husband had to use their savings and borrow more to pay for their child’s medical care.

Not long after, the mother noticed that her son had many unusual expressions, not as flexible as other children. The boy’s right limb moved very slowly, seemingly without strength. While taking her child to Kunming Hospital, the mother fainted when she heard the doctor say that Luteng had cerebellar atrophy and hemiplegia, caused by his normal birth a year ago. The doctor said that when he came out of the womb, because the boy was too big and the mother had difficulty giving birth, Luteng was most likely suffering from severe pressure on the nerves by eclampsia, so the baby was newborn. abnormal function, growth retardation. Currently surgery is no longer meaningful, so it can only be handled gradually by applying rehabilitation methods. Hearing this, Liu and her husband regretted it, not expecting that their child would be exposed to such a heavy burden just from giving birth normally, but it was too late by then.

Almost 5kg pregnant, husband still forces wife to give birth normally, 1 year later it hurts to see children - 3

At this time, Ms. Liu could only patiently let her son practice rehabilitation.

What cases should pregnant women do by caesarean section?

Among the choice of birth methods, natural birth is always prioritized and encouraged to be chosen. But not all pregnancies can give birth naturally, some people are required to undergo a cesarean section if:

The fetus is too big

Babies who have an above normal weight will have difficulty passing through their mother’s pelvis at birth, especially for babies whose mothers have gestational diabetes. In this case, the mother is usually prescribed a cesarean section.

Little mother’s hips

Some pregnant women with a pelvis that is too small will not have enough room for the fetus to pass through, so they will be indicated for a cesarean section.

upside down fetus

Usually the position of the fetus in the last weeks of pregnancy is with the head facing down towards the inside of the mother’s womb, but many babies still refuse to turn their heads until the day of birth, even the transverse position makes it difficult for normal babies to be born. Cases of abnormal pregnancies often require caesarean section.

Almost 5kg pregnant, husband still forces wife to give birth normally, 1 year later it hurts to see children - 4

Pregnant women should consult their doctor when choosing a birth method.

Mother has high blood pressure

Mothers with gestational hypertension, edema syndrome… will prevent the fetus from getting adequate nutrition and oxygen from the placenta… These cases need to be closely monitored by a doctor and will usually be delivered by caesarean section. Mother and child.

Cervix can not be opened

In most cases, the rate of contraction of the mother’s uterus is weak, the cervix is ​​not dilated enough to deliver the baby, so a cesarean section is required.

There are signs of premature birth

Mothers who have signs of premature birth or have problems during pregnancy that need to be removed from the mother’s body immediately should also opt for a caesarean section. Babies under 36 weeks of age will find it difficult to withstand the pressure of a natural birth.

Mother has placenta problems

Pregnant women with placental problems such as detached placenta, low placenta should also undergo cesarean section to ensure the safety of the fetus.

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