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The most “trick master” in the martial arts film Kim Dung, was exposed by his wife Quach Tinh

Sunday, April 3, 2022 07:12 AM (GMT+7)

The character who specializes in swindling, impersonating a master in swordplay Kim Dung received an unexpected ending.

Sheep Thien Truong is a supporting character in the swordplay work “Hero of the Condor” by the late writer Kim Dung. He is the twin brother of the patriarch of the Thiet Chuu Thien Nhan sect. Sheep Thien Truong’s tricks also became the focus of the audience’s attention.

When they were young, Thien Truc Sheep and Thien Nhan Sheep had completely similar personalities and appearance. At the age of 13, Cuu Thien Nhan accidentally saved the state boss, Thuong Quan Kiem Nam. Master Shangguan, grateful to want to repay, devoted all his martial arts to teach him. At the age of 24, Cuu Thien Ren’s practice gradually became more promising than his master. The next year, the master of Thuongguan died, and when he was dying, he handed over the power of the patriarch of the state to him.

" Master of bluffs"  The best martial arts film Kim Dung, was exposed by Quach Tinh's wife - 1

Thien Truong Sheep and Thien Nhan Sheep (Ly Uc) have the same appearance.

Thuong Quan, the master of the state, kept his loyalty, had the will to restore the country, and Cuu Thien Received one-heartedly practiced martial arts, creating the famous name Thiet Thuong Thuong Phieu on the Gypsy. In the past, when discussing the sword in Hoa Son, Vuong Trung Duong once invited him to attend. Because Tie Chan canon has not been completely completed, Cuu Thien Nhan knows that he is not an opponent of Vuong Trung Duong, so he refuses to participate. For more than 10 years, he hid on the mountain of Thiet Chuong, closed the door to practice hard, intending to wait for the second opportunity to discuss swords in Hoa Son to win the title of the world’s first martial art.

At that time, the personalities of the two brothers were completely different. Sheep Thien Nhan possesses superior martial arts, while Sheep Thien Truong likes to brag and play tricks on others.

Video: The deception of Thien Truong Sheep (Li Yu) in the 2003 version of “The Condor Heroes”.

In which, Cuu Thien Truong’s deception at Quy Van Trang impressed the audience the most. Appearing in front of many martial arts fellows, Cuu Thien Truong has declared himself a master Cuu Thien Nhan with the famous Thieu Thuong Phieu Thiet Thuong Phieu on the gypsy scene. Here, he performed magic tricks to deceive people. Sheep Thien Truong used her thumb to lightly flick the tea cup, suddenly a spark inside emanated. Everyone around praised the elaborate performance of the “master”.

However, Hoang Dung is smarter than other people, she already knows that this person is not the true Thiet Chuong Thuy Thuong Phieu Cuu Thien Ren, so these tricks are just small circuses. After that, Hoang Dung produced a set of palm law of Dao Hoa island, which was Lac Anh divine palm.

Video: Hoang Dung (Chau Tan) “unmasked” Cuu Thien Truong’s deceitful magic show

Tie Chuong Than Cong of Thien Nhan Sheep is a unique technique of Tie Chuong Bang in Tuong Giang. The martial art is as the name suggests, each blow is as hard as steel, is a fierce martial art of the first class in the world, with a sharp palm that cannot be resisted.

Although Thien Truong Bridge is a bit elaborate, it is still far behind her brother, Thien Nhan, and weaker than Hoang Dung. Right after that, the “trick master” Cuu Thien Truong was beaten to the ground by Hoang Dung. When Hoang Dung saw Cuu Thien Truong like this, he personally took out all the magic items inside him. In the end, “Quoc Tinh’s wife” was able to uncover the top trick of Cuu Thien Truong. As it turned out, the brick that he usually carried around was made of flour, so it was crushed when he squeezed it lightly.

" Master of bluffs"  The best swordplay movie Kim Dung, was exposed by his wife Quach Tinh - 3

Shaping the Thien Truong Sheep by Hong Trieu Phong in “The Condor Heroes” in 1994.

Later, Cuu Thien Truong was discovered by his brother, the Chief of the State, misunderstood, so Cuu Thien Truong ran away with Quach Tinh and Hoang Dung. He grabbed the falcon’s leg with the aim of flying with Hoang Dung from the burning mountain top. However, due to low internal strength, he fell, hit his head on a rock and died.

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