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Horror but expensive

One of the “challenges” for many girls when going to the market is buying fresh meat. It sounds difficult, but not everyone can choose. However, many people also spread the word about a type of meat that is considered “excellent”, if you see it, you should buy it immediately. Those are the pieces of meat that know… twitching like in the clip below.

The piece of meat that anyone who goes to the market wants to buy: It looks a bit scary but it’s expensive for this reason

This is not the first time that netizens have stirred up at the image of moving pieces of meat like this. It is known that such moving pieces of meat prove that the meat is very fresh, so everyone wants to buy it.

This phenomenon of meat still moving or convulsing like this is explained that after being slaughtered, the central nervous system of the animal is dead, but the other nerve bundles are not completely dead. And when there is a temperature difference, the muscles will contract, so there is the phenomenon of muscle twitching like in the clip. This is nothing to worry about, on the contrary, it shows that the meat is very fresh.

This phenomenon occurs not only in cows and pigs but also in fish.

Source: TikTok

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