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Poisoning by self-medication

Ho Chi Minh CityMiddle-aged man, poisoned, scaly skin after a long time taking many types of oriental medicine to increase vitality and cure hepatitis.

The patient reported that he had purchased and used a kidney tonic for two years to enhance male physiology. After that, he had symptoms of hepatitis, so he took traditional medicine. After a while, he had an itch, his whole body was covered with scabs, peeling skin, darkening, and he went to Cho Ray Hospital for examination.

Doctor Doan Uyen Vy, in charge of the Anti-Poison Clinic, said on April 1 that the patient was poisoned by arbitrarily taking traditional medicine for a long time.

The hands are rough, peeling due to the patient's poisoning.  Photo: Provided by the hospital

The hands are rough, peeling due to the patient’s poisoning. Photo: Hospital provides

This man is one of many patients who recently came to Cho Ray Hospital to check for poisoning from traditional medicine. Their common point is that they have acute liver failure, hepatomegaly, cholestasis causing yellow skin, yellow eyes, rough skin, dark skin; Some people have prolonged diarrhea causing chronic enteritis, protein loss through the intestines. There are more severe cases, damage to many different organs at the same time, such as acute heart failure, acute kidney failure, acute hepatitis, lethargy, coma when hospitalized. This is drug poisoning.

According to Dr. Vy, these patients were either previously healthy or had no diseases related to the above problems, then suddenly showed symptoms and gradually worsened. The patient has been examined and treated in many places but the cause has not been found and the disease has not improved. At the Anti-Toxic Clinic, after excluding common medical diseases, the doctors discovered that these patients had all used traditional medicines for a long time with the aim of enhancing physiology, improving health, and improving health. treat joint pain or prevent stroke…

“Over the past 20 years, there has been evidence from the world’s medical literature that some traditional medicines contain heavy metals, and users are poisoned if they take them for a long time,” said Dr. Vy. The doctor explained, the drugs like Hung Hoang, cinnabar to treat many skin diseases, infections, malaria, sedatives, anticonvulsants, insomnia, syphilis, children crying at night… have a source. derived from rocks, minerals containing arsenic and mercury. Patients who use these drugs for a long time, metal accumulates gradually, by the time they show full and clear symptoms, they have been poisoned at an average level. Severe poisoning can turn into subacute and acute poisoning, leading to death.

Western medicine or oriental medicine can cause side effects, causing users to be poisoned if taken incorrectly. Arbitrary use of drugs and abuse for a long time will easily lead to accumulation of toxins, damage to tissues and organs, or moderate to severe side effects of the drug. Therefore, Doctor Vy recommends that people use the right drugs in the right dose and for the time prescribed by the doctor, and closely monitor their health after taking the medicine.

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