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Tips to help hair recover after Covid

Limit chemical impact, wash, incubate and dry hair properly, increase nutrition for the body and maintain an optimistic spirit to help hair recover, reduce breakage.

Doctor Nguyen Quang Minh, deputy head of the Department of Stem Cell Technology Research and Application, National Hospital of Dermatology, said that temporary hair loss is normal after having a fever or illness, or contracting Covid-19 . According to an August 2021 study published in the journal Irish Journal of Medical ScienceAfter excluding drug-related causes, post-Covid-19 patients mostly experienced mild to moderate hair loss, occurring two to three months after the illness.

However, experts say that hair loss due to Covid-19 will grow back soon if there is a reasonable care regimen. Specifically, according to doctor Nguyen Quang Minh, to overcome post-Covid hair loss, it is necessary to take care of washing and drying hair gently, and limit the use of chemicals that affect the hair.

People with hair loss should add trace elements, antioxidants, good anti-inflammatory to the hair follicles, so that the hair follicles have enough nutrition to grow back. Necessary active ingredients such as iron, zinc, vitamins of group 3B, Biotin (vitamin H), vitamin B5… supplemented by topical route such as shampoo, topical essence… or taken orally. In severe cases, it is necessary to treat with other combination drugs such as minoxidil, platelet-rich plasma, hair follicle stimulation procedures…

Doctor Le Thuy Tuoi, a senior expert in sexual health care, said that current conventional hair care methods are diverse and easy to implement but are only external influences. To deeply affect hair germ cells, it is necessary to combine care products from the inside to stimulate hair germ cells to grow, thereby reducing shedding and increasing hair growth.

Everyone should choose a shampoo suitable for the scalp, combine with hair massage, limit styling, regularly “sunscreen” for hair, wash hair with cold water, combine the use of essential oils, can support hair care. healthy hair fast back.

Stress management is also important, contributing to the reduction of hair loss. Accordingly, people need to stay optimistic by limiting access to negative information related to the epidemic, taking time to rest, and regularly exercising.

Working in the field of beauty, beauty blogger Trinh Pham is very interested in post-Covid skin and hair care. During the time of the infection, she was mostly hanging around the house, stressed and tired, so her hair was weaker. In addition, damaged internal organs due to Covid-19, health decline, poor appetite also disrupts the body’s process of growing healthy hair, thereby leading to poor health. hair loss.

“Sisters after contracting Covid need to limit dyeing, curling, drying, steaming, not tying their hair too tightly, in a bun… When washing hair, avoid using too hot water, preferably warm water about 37 degrees Celsius. Before shampooing, you should brush your hair, because if you leave your hair normal, it will be easy to tangle.

Trinh Pham often combs her hair before washing to reduce tangles and limit hair loss when washing her hair.  Photo: Character Fanpage

Trinh Pham often combs her hair before washing to reduce tangles and limit hair loss when washing her hair. Photo: Character fan page

To promote hair health, Trinh recommends that people properly incubate their hair when washing. Instead of just applying the product to her hair and using a cap to incubate for 3-5 minutes as usual, she divided her hair into many small curls and began to massage each strand about 15-20 times continuously, stroking down from the trunk to the ends. . This activity helps generate heat, promote nourishment and deep inside, making the hair nourish and close the cuticle.

After incubating her hair, Trinh Pham rinsed it with water and dried her hair instead of letting it dry naturally. “Keeping the head wet for a long time will make the hair heavy, pull the ends, make the hair weak and fall out more; so I advise everyone to gently dry it after washing, rinsing and incubating”, beauty blogger emphasized.

She also recommends that women use conditioner while drying to avoid damage problems when exposed to high heat. Trinh Pham often uses serum before drying to protect hair and after drying to make hair smoother and softer.

Trinh Pham is radiant in a set of photos taken with sunflowers.  Photo: Fanpge of the character

Trinh Pham is radiant in a set of photos taken with sunflowers. Photo: Character Fanpage

In addition, the female beauty blogger also actively takes care of her body to recover quickly after contracting Covid-19. She adjusted the rhythm of her life, Eating in moderation, adding foods containing vitamin A and vitamin D to help strengthen bones and hair. Besides, working hard to exercise, practicing habits to relax her mind, and release stress are also ways to keep her spirit at ease.

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