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19-year-old Mike Tyson is amazingly strong, the “tossing” punch is proven

(Sports news, martial arts news) The image of Mike Tyson at 19 years old shows why he became the youngest heavyweight champion boxer in history.

Video Mike Tyson make his coach “pale”

Fan Boxing expressed surprise when he witnessed a training clip of Mike Tyson when he was 19 years old. In fact, Tyson has been boxing professionally since the age of 18, just two years later he became the youngest heavyweight champion in history when he defeated Trevor Berbick in the second round (November 22, 1986).

19-year-old Mike Tyson is amazingly strong, punches " throws people"  proven - 1

Mike Tyson (left) scared the coach to “pale” because of his extremely fast and powerful punches

After nearly 40 years, the record of the American “Iron Fist” still stands and it may continue to stand for many more years. This proves, it will be a long time before the boxing world will see a superstar similar to Tyson.

Tyson’s strength is undisputed, currently at the age of 55 he still possesses punches with a force few people can withstand. Not everyone gets to see Tyson fight with their own eyes, and people wonder what the real strength of the 19-year-old “Iron Fist” will be?

And the answer is there. A clip of Tyson training with the coach was posted on social networks, in the video of the legendary 19-year-old boxer launching punches with great speed and power. The speed of Mike Tyson’s attack was so strong that the trainer had to repeatedly step back, then avoid, even though he was holding a very thick mattress in his hand.

An audience member exclaimed: “The flying punches are real, the strength and speed of 19-year-old Mike Tyson can punch a person several meters away.”

“I can’t imagine how painful it would be to get Mike Tyson’s punch,” another wrote. “If I had to be Mike Tyson’s coach, I would quit immediately. Maybe I will get a decent salary, but my health will definitely be eroded by those punches,” another fan wrote.

At 55 years old Tyson has not stopped. The former hand is open to the possibility of competition, his opponent can be the boxers Paul brothers or any opponent. In 2020, Tyson returned to the ring to compete with his contemporaries Roy Jones Jr., after 8 rounds no one was knocked out, both sides were satisfied with the draw.

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