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Am I a normal person?

I’m 30 years old, I’ve never dated, I feel like I’m not like everyone else.

I am not beautiful, my education is average, my salary is not enough to pay taxes. I work as an accountant, the job I love, it’s just that the salary is too low. I live in a normal family, my brother is more than eight years old, just got married and has a baby. The day he got married, for some reason I wasn’t happy, I just felt normal.

My sister-in-law is younger than me, I don’t talk very well, neither hate nor like her. The things she cares about are children, eating and drinking, and I like economic, political, and cultural things. When my grandson was born, everyone was happy to talk about him. I held the baby, I found the baby cute but not as happy as everyone else. Everyone says I’m weird, but I don’t really feel happy or anything. I also don’t like to shop or eat lavishly like other people. I only feel joy and happiness when I help others; watch movies about kindness in life, unfortunate lives or parent-child love. As for the film about the love between men and women, I watched it, but I wasn’t touched much.

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At work, when I help someone, I am happy and happy, no need to thank them or pay anything. So in the company everyone is nice to me. At home, I live a normal life with my family, no one knows how happy I am at the company. I have no intention of getting married, I just want to live like now, go to work and save money tomorrow to retire. I try to exercise my health, if unfortunately I have a disease, I don’t want to cure it or anything, I like to live according to nature. People often complain about life, comment on others, but I don’t like to hear those things. I just leave it to fate, if I live well with everyone, I have no regrets. Maybe I’m suitable to live alone, not afraid of loneliness, no one can understand me yet.

What I am interested in in life is economic and political issues, I like to learn about the culture and people of other countries, and about the environment. Every day on the internet, there are many cases of husbands having adultery, jealousy, children being abused, children mistreating their parents, traffic accidents… I’m tired of reading. Why don’t people become stronger to protect themselves and their loved ones? If your husband has an affair, you will get a divorce, what should you do if you no longer have feelings for him? As for the children who mistreat their parents, why don’t they just leave that child’s face, go to another place to live, do whatever they can to let the child torture them, sell the property in your name to get old age pension. And traffic accidents are caused by each person’s sense of compliance, if I fall into that situation, I also have a way to overcome it, I have to live for myself first and then take care of others. Hope everyone is stronger, don’t become weak because of life’s deadlocks.


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