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On the day of my debut, my future mother-in-law was “dumped with cold water”, I decided to do 1 thing to make her apologize

04/04/2022 14:49 GMT+7

I’ve always been confident in my beauty and career, but his mother despised me and said I’m ‘a moldy wand asking for a lipstick tray’.

I grew up in the love and education of my mother because my parents divorced when I was 5 years old. Right after that, my dad got a new family and didn’t care about me anymore.

In my memory, there are a few times when my father picked me up to his house to play but she always had a heavy face, then I witnessed the fights between my father and aunt just because of me, so I didn’t come anymore.

I still vividly remember the feeling of being whispered by my classmates that I was a child without a father, but after crying my eyes out a few times, I gradually got used to it. Now, as an adult, I am always confident about myself being cared for and raised by my mother.

However, when I returned to meet my boyfriend’s house, I was once again despised because my parents divorced.

Half a year ago, Thang and I met by chance at a birthday party of my best friend. My age is not young anymore, my mother has urged me too, so seeing that Thang is a gentle and psychological person, I nodded quickly to be his girlfriend.

During our time together, we never crossed the line. I have a feeling that Thang is a mature and gentlemanly person, although the two of us have gone out many times alone, he has never asked for it, so I trust him even more.

On the day of my debut, my future mother-in-law was “dumped with cold water”, I decided to do 1 thing to make her apologize

Recently, Thang told me to come back to meet his parents and soon calculate the wedding date because their age is no longer young.

Knowing that his family is well-off in the city center, his mother is meticulous, so I also prepared everything for the first meeting of the future husband’s family.

As soon as I met my future mother-in-law, she looked at me from head to toe and asked where my house is, how many brothers and sisters do I have and what my parents do… Just talking about me being a child in my parents’ family Kissed when I was young, Thang’s mother’s eyes were different.

She copied her mouth saying that “provincial girls are now also trying to get acquainted with city boys in order to get their name in the city household registration”.

Then his mother said she did not agree to let us go back together because my family is incomplete, I don’t have a father, so I will not be brought up properly. She saw me as unworthy of her only son.

However, I still maintain a polite attitude in the hope that one day Thang’s mother will understand more about me because we really came together because of love. And Thang constantly protected me and advised his mother.

Thang encouraged me, so I stayed to cook lunch as usual. When the food was served, I knocked on the door to invite Thang’s mother out to have a meal, but she said she had already ordered the food outside.

His mother looked down on me to the point that she thought I wasn’t even worthy of having dinner with her, let alone about being her daughter-in-law.

A week later, on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the establishment of the mother’s company, I suggest that this time she invite all the employees and relatives to come to thank them for a long time they have been with me and my daughter.

After the divorce, my mother still has the will to strive to build a career and has a company with hundreds of employees. However, she rarely reveals her private life to colleagues. When I was an adult, she told me not to reveal my family’s situation because she valued my independence and was also afraid that others would take advantage of me.

The reason I did that was because the day I went to Thang’s house, I happened to see a photo of his father taken with the company’s management, and his father was a close employee of my mother.

At the company party, when I saw that Thang’s parents had just arrived, my mother introduced to the guests that I was a girl and would soon take over the position of director in her place, making Thang’s mother’s face changed.

In the evening, I saw Thang’s mother texting me apologizing for treating me inappropriately on the day of the debut, but I did not reply because I was a bride in the family like that, unfortunately if something happened, I might as well. unloved.

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