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Thailand won 29-0 after 2 matches, will Vietnam Tel “dodge” by crushing the opponent below?

Unlike Group A at the 2022 Southeast Asian futsal tournament, which has 5 teams, Group B has only 4 teams including futsal Vietnam, Myanmar, Timor Leste and Australia.

At noon this afternoon (April 4), the Vietnamese futsal team will play the opening match against Myanmar – an opponent that is underestimated compared to the strength of coach Pham Minh Giang’s teachers and students.

The difference between the two teams is partly reflected in the FIFA rankings. Vietnam’s futsal team is currently ranked 38th in the world, Myanmar’s ranking is only 90.

In the history of participating in the Southeast Asian futsal tournament, Myanmar has 4/16 qualifying times. That is a relatively modest achievement compared to Vietnamese futsal or especially the dominance of the Thai team. However, in the last 4 tournaments, Myanmar futsal has reached the semi-finals 3 times. That shows that Myanmar futsal has more or less improved and in this year’s tournament, they can create certain difficulties for Vietnamese futsal.

However, in terms of strength correlation, Vietnamese futsal is still appreciated. The achievement of reaching the 1/8 round of the World Cup 2021 has contributed to proving the level of Vietnamese futsal. Before that, we also passed the group stage in the 2016 World Cup.

Thailand won 29-0 after 2 matches, will Vietnam Tel

Myanmar futsal (red shirt) is still undervalued compared to Vietnamese futsal

On the eve of the 2022 Southeast Asian futsal tournament taking place in Thailand, coach Minh Giang is also confident that the Vietnamese futsal team will win one of three tickets to the 2022 Asian futsal finals (to be held in September and October). The whole team had prepared quite well and arrived in Bangkok quite early with the goal of competing for tickets to the Asian tournament, in addition to the final.

Recently, coach Minh Giang also selected a list of 14 players to march to Thailand and some backup players in case the pillars are infected with Covid-19. This list includes familiar players such as Ho Van Y, Pham Duc Hoa, Nhan Gia Hung, Chau Doan Phat, Nguyen Van Hieu, Nguyen Minh Tri… This squad is considered to have experience and battle bravery. than the composition of many young players of Myanmar.

At this year’s tournament, the host Thailand has played 2 matches. They won with a score of 29-0 after 2 matches (against Brunei and Cambodia). Basically, Thailand will almost certainly take the top spot in Group A when the round ends. For this reason, the Vietnamese futsal team needs to be first in Group B to avoid facing the Thais in the semi-finals.

Thailand won 29-0 after 2 matches, will Vietnam Tel

Futsal Vietnam needs to aim for the first place in Group B to avoid meeting Thailand in the semi-finals soon

In the Southeast Asian tournament, Thailand still holds the dominant position. The fact that they won the tournament 15/16 times is the best proof of that. It will not be easy for futsal to topple Thailand to win the first Southeast Asian championship in history. However, if they play well, coach Pham Minh Giang’s teachers and students have a basis to move towards the final.

In today’s fight, the possibility that Vietnam futsal team will not miss the opportunity to defeat Myanmar even win a bold victory, creating an advantage before entering the next matches. 20220404073050215.htm

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