Truth Arena: Top 3 seal clans

Sorcerer Seal

With the return of the Mage squads, it is extremely understandable that this seal becomes stronger. Basically, the Sorcerer’s Seal will allow you to use other characters of higher value like Morgana, Orianna, Seraphine, Senna… to replace with 1 gold Mage units and not guaranteed power at the end of the game. Remember that the above units are all capable of dealing magic damage not weakly and are ready to “blow away” the enemy team with a large amount of skill damage from having the Mage seal.

The Arena of Truth: Top 3 clans - the strongest system in the current meta that gamers should get as soon as possible - Photo 1.

Lulu, when she has the Sorcerer’s Seal, will buff blood for extremely “burning” allies.

In addition, owning the Sorcerer’s Seal early will allow you to activate the 6 generals of this system right from level 7 with outstanding damage. This saves you a lot of health in the process of keeping money to roll for important units from stage 5 onwards. If you can give the Sorcerer’s Seal to Lulu or Morgana at this stage, the squad will be extremely beefy when there is a buff champion with too much health or a tanker with a huge shield.

Press Challenge

In fact, the Challenge Seal is not a type of press that is too easy to use, it can even “squeeze” the player with the effect of gliding towards the target if it is paired for a unit that needs to keep a distance. However, with the overwhelming strength of the Challenger squad in the current meta, this is still a type of seal that should be paired as soon as possible. Just reaching the 4-6 Challenger milestones early and helping Warwick your damage deal more is already a big reward for this seal matching.

The Arena of Truth: Top 3 clans - the strongest system in the current meta that gamers should get as soon as possible - Photo 2.

If you play the Chemistry team and need a champion holding the Challenge Seal, then Zac is a very good choice

One piece of advice when you use the Challenge Seal is that you should pair it with a champion with close-range control moves in the Chemistry team. For example, Zac or Tahm Kench are the most suitable champions to hold the Challenge Seal as they can control enemy champions and activate the effects of this system more easily. In addition, gamers Truth Arena You can also use the Challenge Seal on Twitch if you are forced to use this unit to activate the 5 Chemical Skill effect.

Press Technology

To talk about the type of seal that you can combine to get rank points, the Tech Seal is definitely indispensable in the current meta. Specifically, according to statistics from the website, the Indian Cong Nghe exam has a 63.8% rate of reaching the top 4, an extremely large number. With the Tech race being comprehensively buffed in both damage and shield creation, it is becoming the most powerful squad. Obviously, when it is possible to reach milestones like 6-8 Tech thanks to pressing, this squad is even more powerful.

The Arena of Truth: Top 3 clans - the strongest system in the current meta that gamers should get as soon as possible - Photo 3.

With the strong Tech lineup, Tech India also has a very high rate of entering the top 4

A special thing about the Tech Seal is that it is not tied to a certain number of units, but can be given to any champion to hold. Basically, with the shield effect that helps the unit become more resistant, every champion benefits more or less from the Tech race. Therefore, this seal becomes especially dangerous in the late game when you can add powerful generals like Silco, Kai’Sa…. to the squad and still ensure strength. when-co-the-20220405130522774.chn

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