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When I came back from court, my sister was happy to announce the good news, but after hearing that, my mother was so angry that she burst into tears

09/04/2022 13:45 GMT+7

Why does my sister have no children after divorcing her husband?

2 months ago, my sister took her little 4-year-old daughter home to play, while the older child was at home learning online. She stayed for a month without any intention of returning. Seeing that, my mother worriedly reminded her that she had to go home to take care of her husband and children, she couldn’t go away like that.

She said that she was suffocated with family life, and wanted a divorce for freedom. Hearing that, my whole family panicked and chased her back to her husband’s house. When she refused to return, my father called my brother-in-law to come pick him up.

He said that if he has a foot to go, he has a foot to return without having to pick it up. The husband’s family cannot accept a lazy and selfish daughter-in-law like my sister. He told my sister to come back to be a bride for 8 years without touching any housework, only knowing how to eat and hold the child, and entrust the housework to her mother and husband. When my mother-in-law fell ill, my sister took her children to her grandmother’s house to play, causing her brother-in-law to hire a neighbor to serve her.

My brother-in-law told my sister too many opportunities but refused to change, so tired now, his family lost patience and this time will break up.

Yesterday, my sister came back from the court hearing, she did not see her niece. My mother frantically asked me where I was, and my sister happily answered: “From now on, I am free, I don’t have to raise any more children, because my family has adopted them all.”

After hearing that, my mother burst into tears and loudly blamed her sister for living without human love, why be so cruel to her children. After the divorce, the woman tried to win the child at all costs, but my sister was happy because she did not have to raise the child.

My sister did not feel remorseful, but argued with her mother, she said that she did not have a job and did not have a job to raise children. In the future, if you don’t have to worry about children, you will be this beautiful and you will easily get a better man and you will have a happy family.

My mother said in tears that with her personality that only lived for herself, even if she married several more husbands, she would not be able to find happiness, only pitiful for the children born.

My mother really wanted her sister to take her little daughter home to raise and work, but no matter how she persuaded her, she did not change. My family is so helpless, I don’t know how to advise my sister?


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