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12 animals in the new week 11/4

Birth in year of Mouse

Rats need to pay more attention to building relationships this new week. A quick temper can cause unnecessary conflicts with others. Rats need to calm down, analyze the problem and should not blame others when something unsatisfactory happens. This is also something you need to pay more attention to on the path of personal development.

Ox Age

The finances of the Ox tend to increase slightly during this time. If the year of the Ox works hard and dedicates himself to it, you will receive a worthy result with generous bonuses. Besides, at work, you will also confirm your reputation and image. Many potential partners will come to you this week.

Tiger Age

The new week brings many smooth and favorable things for the Tiger. This is the right time for you to start your personal projects and plans because you are receiving a lot of support. Your romantic relationship in this new week is quite gloomy, both you and your partner are spending too much time on personal projects that forget to take care of each other.

Age of the Rabbit

Rabbits have a lot of luck in their career this new week. Gentlemen will appear and give you instructions and opportunities to help you grow strongly. Besides, friends, colleagues and superiors will also create conditions for you to develop to your full potential. Career development also leads to a prosperous Rabbit’s fortune during this time.

The prophecy for the destiny of the 12 animals in the new week April 11 - April 17: The Ox year receives worthy results, the Horse age has the opportunity to assert itself - Photo 1.

Dragon Age

The efforts of the Dragon in the past are gradually bearing results in this new week. The Dragon age needs more confidence, more courage to continue on the path they are going. This is also the week when the Dragon year pays more attention to their health, you start healthy living habits such as exercising, eating with a more suitable diet for you. A healthy lifestyle helps the Dragon’s spirit to be more comfortable.

Year of the Snake

The love story of the year of the Snake will have many positive changes this week. For those who are single, you are more proactive in starting a conversation with strangers. This week, you also have more open thoughts, ready to move into a serious relationship. With the year of the Snake having a couple, the two of you will have a very happy time together.

Born in the year of the Horse

Horses will have a rather volatile week but the troubles you face will not be too big. With the ability of the Horse, you can solve them easily and quickly. At work, Horses see challenges as opportunities for you to assert yourself and achieve your career goals. Horse wealth tends to increase this week.

Age odor

Year of the Goat thanks to innovation, you can develop your career in this new week. You don’t want to keep following the familiar path, so you have to find new paths yourself. This makes the Goat age score very high in the eyes of their superiors. The love story of the Goat year this week does not have many changes, you and your partner still pay a lot of attention to each other no matter how busy they are.

The prophecy for the destiny of the 12 animals in the new week April 11 - April 17: The Ox year receives worthy results, the Horse age has the opportunity to assert itself - Photo 2.

Age of Body

Monkey age cannot avoid difficulties in this new week, but you do not give up or get discouraged because of that, on the contrary, Monkey year also encourages yourself to overcome. During the week, the Monkey year should be more careful and attentive in the activities of signing and making contracts. Monkey people tend to spend more than they collect in this new week, so you need to have a specific and detailed plan to avoid loss.

Roster age

The love story of the Rooster this week is not stable. The emotions of both of them increased sharply, making it look like they were playing a game of cat and mouse. This greatly affects the future of their relationship. This is the time when you and your partner need to have a frank dialogue with each other and learn how to behave properly.

Born in the year of Dog

Year of the Dog, prepare mentally to wait for a lucky week to come to you. Your career has made great strides thanks to your hardworking, perfectionist attitude. You will be assigned a lot of great responsibilities, this is an opportunity for you to advance in the near future. In terms of fortune, the year of the Dog can grasp good opportunities to make money, so your income this week increases sharply.

Year of the Pig

The Pig in this week needs to actively train themselves, hone new skills to be able to go further in the future. Your career is quite stable and you have a foundation to develop, so don’t waste it. This week, no matter how thick your pocket is, you still need to spend in moderation.

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