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The store displays and processes hundreds of types of instant noodles that attract young Thai people

It is thanks to a young man in the land of golden pagodas who implemented a unique business idea, making instant noodles become a “fever” attracting young people in this country. In Mr. Ungkool Wongkolthoot’s shop, people can enjoy hundreds of different types of instant noodles from many countries around the world. If we want, we can bring Vietnamese instant noodles there to cook and eat on the spot.

Located right in a commercial center in Bangkok, Mr. Ungkool Wongkolthoot’s instant noodle shop attracts hundreds of young people every day. Stepping into the store, customers will be overwhelmed by the orange shelves displaying hundreds of different types of instant noodles. These types of noodles come from many countries such as Indonesia, Korea, China, and Japan.

The idea of ​​​​opening a shop specializing in selling instant noodles came from the fact that during the COVID-19 epidemic, Mr. Ungkool went around convenience stores and supermarkets in Bangkok in search of noodles. And he discovered there are 350 different types of noodles, so he immediately thought of opening this shop.

The shop displays and processes hundreds of types of instant noodles on the spot, attracting young Thai people - Photo 2.

Shelves display hundreds of different types of instant noodles at Ungkool Wongkolthoot’s shop (Photo: Reuters)

Ungkool Wongkolthoot, Managing Director of Good Noodle Store, shared:BILLIONI want to give customers the experience of eating noodles on the spot instead of just buying noodles from convenience stores or supermarkets and forgetting them at home without ever eating. Customers can choose their own dishes to go with the noodles they like and can cook for themselves on the spot. And if they like it, they can buy it to take home“.

What makes young people extremely excited is that they can freely choose the type of noodles and side dishes depending on their preferences. A built-in kitchen set allows them to cook a bowl of hot noodles on their own in just a few minutes. Prices for different types of noodles usually range from 6 to 250 Baht (about 4,000 to 170,000 VND).

Ms. Sirayakorn Charoenthat, customer, said: “This business idea is novel and unusual. We can customize the toppings with the noodles. I think a shop like this is very convenient and the price is more reasonable for students like us than eating in a restaurant, the price is expensive“.

Instant noodles are extremely popular in many Asian countries because of their delicious taste, versatility, convenience, and low cost. However, health experts warn against eating too many highly processed foods like instant noodles because they lack important nutrients.

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