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Agree to go to hotel with boyfriend just to hug

I am considered cute, sincere, gentle, always thinking of others. However, when I had my first love, I was not happy.

We are both 27 years old, met through a dating app. When I was in school, I only cared about food, when I grew up I only cared about working. Seeing my friends getting married, having a lover, about to get married, I also wanted to find a other half, but due to the working environment and also rarely traveling, I searched through social networks.

The first time we met, he offered to go further, I thought he was also good, so I agreed. At first, I saw that he didn’t love me, I had to drive the car by myself even though it was very heavy. He also doesn’t hold my hand every time we go together. Having known each other for a month, he suggested going to the hotel to hug and talk to each other. I made it clear that I didn’t have sex before the wedding, he didn’t agree, so I wanted to break up. He begged, promised to wait until the wedding, I agreed. When the two of them entered the hotel, he just hugged, nothing over the limit. The more I believe, the more I love you.

>> I refrained from going over the limit when I entered the hotel with him

Recently, he has been cold, I texted him to inquire but he only answered after a few hours even though he was still online. On weekends, he often said he was busy and didn’t see me. The two work close to each other, but sometimes they only see each other once a month. I think he was busy, so he never blamed him. In the two months we’ve known each other, I haven’t been happy, I’ve been on the street looking at happy couples and shed tears. Should I end up with him? Are you honest with me or just want to meet for sex? I’m afraid of going to the hotel a lot and then whatever happens, I’m afraid of knowing him for a long time.


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