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Enjoy dinner in midair

Lounge in The Sky, a 50-meter-tall dining restaurant in Jakarta, recently opened its doors to thrill-seekers. This mid-air restaurant serves meals for about 110-260 USD and can accommodate 32 guests at the same time. Diners when coming to the restaurant will be fastened to their seats and lifted to a height of tens of meters by cranes. Chefs and wait staff will wear safety belts during service.

Mr. Andi Rahmat Aa – Marketing officer, Lounge in The Sky Indonesia said: “Many people question whether it is safe to have dinner at height, how much weight the crane can withstand and whether the device is authorized for human use. We have tested and confirmed the safety of this service.”

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Due to the difference of the restaurant, many people have booked a table at Lounge in The Sky months in advance, especially during the holy month of Ramadan, when Muslims gather on the last days to celebrate.

Ms. Yuni – Diner said: “At first, everything was not simple at all. I was very worried that I would not be able to swallow food at such a height. But after a while, I could eat and drink normally.”

The idea of ​​serving this “dinner in the sky” was developed by two Belgian businessmen. Since 2006, this unique restaurant model has expanded to dozens of countries.

The Indonesian government is gradually easing anti-epidemic measures and re-applying the visa-free policy for citizens of ASEAN countries. Residents of ASEAN countries only need to present their certificate of COVID-19 vaccination and negative PCR test results 48 hours before departure when arriving in Indonesia. At the Indonesian airport, travelers do not need to take another PCR test if their body temperature is normal.

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