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Women’s temperament is shown in each behavior and 7 things women should know

As a girl, surely everyone wants to be really beautiful and attractive. But to make others appreciate and fall in love with them is not easy.

Normally, people often hear about women with temperament and sophistication. Here are the things that create sophistication and comprehensiveness in women, but not everyone knows.

1. Behave decently, elegantly

Girls have different personalities and different behaviors. The way they deal with a problem is also not the same. You may not be too beautiful, but you must have temperament, good manners, and elegant speech and actions. Never be rude or arrogant, it will only cost you points.

Women's temperament is shown in each behavior and 7 things women should know to improve themselves - Photo 1.


2. Know how to smile to make yourself most radiant

There are also cold and icy beauties, but there are not many. Smile is a girl’s secret weapon. Whether it’s good or bad, as long as you know how to smile, it’s already a plus point for your aura.

Therefore, women should know how to smile and make themselves more attractive and happier.

3. Pay attention to small details to make yourself the most delicate

Some people look beautiful from afar, but when they look closer, they reveal all kinds of flaws. The shortcomings of girls are often shown in details such as: Dandruff on shoulders, stains on nails, vegetables stuck to teeth, body odor… Those things will definitely make your image bad.

These details are so much more important than spending an hour putting on makeup before going out. Therefore, you should pay attention to the small details, take care of yourself more cleanly to be the most delicate and perfect yourself.

4. Exercise regularly and pay attention to polite exercise clothes

Sports-loving girls always have a distinct vitality and beauty. Girls should spend time in the gym, working out and getting in shape.

However, when going to practice, you should also pay attention to choose the right clothes. Don’t show off too much and then turn yourself into an offensive.

Women's temperament is shown in each behavior and 7 things women should know to improve themselves - Photo 2.


5. Hide more, reveal less to maintain a sense of mystery

Mystery is also a means of making women more attractive. From a visual perspective, holding something that covers half of your face is more appealing than exposing your entire face. Psychologically, exploring and solving puzzles is more important than knowing the answers in the first place.

Therefore, girls should never reveal everything about themselves to the other person too quickly. You know to keep a certain distance, not easy to push relationshipDon’t reveal too much about yourself. The feeling of being a mysterious woman makes them attractive in a very special way, and men can arouse a feeling of curiosity at any time.

6. Know how to show affection

In a relationship, women should not maintain a sense of mystery for too long. Gradually, the other party will feel pressing, depressed and unfamiliar. Or maybe, they’ll get the feeling this girl doesn’t really have a crush on them. Be proactive in expressing your feelings appropriately. Sometimes you can text him first, ask him about his life or take the initiative to ask him out for a meal. It is also a secret to help women “take the lead” in their relationships.

7. Know how to do good deeds, know how to care

A woman who is willing to help others no matter how small creates a unique charm. It represents the sophistication and temperament that not everyone has.

Men really like looks, but they like a girl who cares more. Sometimes, just a girl asking questions, sitting down to talk can also get great affection from that man.

Perfect, comprehensive, sophisticated and temperamental women are not only counted in beauty. It is also the behavior and way of thinking of each person. However, these girls can still practice so that they can become better every day. than-hoon-thien-hon-20220601174736579.chn

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