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Vinasun Taxi aims to cut the loss circuit

Taxi Vinasun aims to “make profit at all costs” this year to avoid the delisting sentence.

Vietnam Anh Duong Joint Stock Company (Vinasun) plans to increase revenue by 28% compared to the previous year, reaching VND 640 billion and getting out of the quagmire of losses.

Since the middle of last year, the company’s management has affirmed at all costs that this year must be profitable so as not to be delisted. According to the regulations, if the company has lost business results for three consecutive years, the shares will be delisted.

However, in the document submitted to the newly released annual general meeting of shareholders, the management said that the plan may be influenced by many factors such as the recovery of the tourism industry, the escalating cost of gasoline, competition from foreign companies operating in the same industry…

Vinasun’s management said that this year, it will focus on restoring market share in Ho Chi Minh City, Binh Duong and Dong Nai, and find opportunities to shake hands with partners in the fields of transportation business, technology, consumption, and payment. maths.

Vinasun's red taxi line has just been launched in mid-2021. Photo: VNS.

Vinasun’s “red taxi” line has just been launched in mid-2021. Photo: VNS

The epidemic has bogged down the business of the company that once led the taxi market in Ho Chi Minh City for two consecutive years. Revenue plummeted when the following year was less than half of the previous year. The company lost 210 billion dong in 2020 and next year increased to 277 billion dong. Also during this time, they only invested in 73 new cars while the number of liquidation increased to over 2,900 units.

Vinasun’s personnel also fluctuated sharply when the company cuts More than 2,500 jobs, including about 1,800 drivers, due to the slow recovery of the transport market after the long-term distance, leading to a large number of vehicles lying in the parking lot and a small amount of work.

Vinasun said that in the coming time, it will attract workers again through reasonable remuneration policies and income distribution. The company invested in 156 new cars, cooperated with external partners to have about 150 more. In addition, the company plans to sell on deferred payment and liquidate 500 cars for drivers to do business in the form of franchise.


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